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I had heard great things about the DaVinci IQ2 so was looking forward to checking it out when it arrived the other day. Opening the box, I found the DaVinci unit, a Grinder, a stash jar and a thumb drive. All nice touches. I won’t go into a detailed talk about what came with it and instead this review will focus on what I like and what I don’t like about the unit based on my own personal usage needs. If you want a detailed description of the unit, I am sure there are many “Unboxing” reviews out there

The DaVinci came with a few added accessories so let me briefly touch on them before getting to the actual unit. A stash jar with a rubber top was a nice touch however the lid was a bit wonky and it did not appear to be very airtight leading to the stash drying out quickly. For this reason, it would only be good for small amounts that were going to be used up within a few days. A small pocket grinder was also included, and I felt this was a nice touch especially for portability. While the thumb drive was an interesting add-in, I feel mostly it was an advertising move as it was branded with the company’s logo. It really has nothing to do with a vaporizer that I can think of, but I am sure I will use it for other things.

Okay let’s get down to the actual unit. Taking it out of the box the DaVinci IQ2 was a nice compact unit in a grey/metal colour which I liked. It fits really nice in the palm of my hand and I can see how this would be a great unit to take with on the town as it is small and discreet. The charging cable that came with the unit was a bit of a disappointment as the only option was to plug into my computer or a USB outlet. I would have like to have a charger that plugged into the wall better. The other thing is that they estimate that it takes up to 6 hours to charge this unit so if it dies mid session you are out of luck. On the other hand, the battery can be swapped out so I would suggest getting a second battery. There is also a “Fast Charger” available but this is something you would have to purchase separately.

The unit loads your stash on the bottom and the oven compartment is bigger than my other favorite units. Let me say I have at least 5 other vapes at home and currently my favorite is the “Mighty” followed by my “Firefly2+”. Both of these are convection units while the DaVinci is conduction in that the heat directly contacts the material.

Loading the unit is quite easy and most say that it should be fully loaded to really have it work it’s best. This means that I need at least twice as much stash as my other units. There was a ceramic dosing capsule that came with the unit and I tried to use it. I liked the fact that it would use less material and would keep the oven compartment clean, unfortunately I found I got no visible vapor cloud when using it nor much effect in general. Let me state that I generally use temperatures below 200C so perhaps at a higher temp it might have worked but for my use I ended up having to discard it. I also tried to pull out the vapor path chamber, but it seems just the top comes off. I thought the whole chamber came out and perhaps it does but as of writing I have not figured out how to do that. Some people would fill this with stash as an extra dose for later however given the heated vapor goes through this chamber, I think it would dry out the stash. I did not use it.

Starting up the unit was easy and changing from “F” to “C” was also easy. There are four preset programs however I generally prefer to set up the temp that I like and use that. For this reason, I did not try the programs which increase the temp over an eight-minute period and instead just dialed in a temp.

I like to vape between 185c and 200c max. The unit will remember your temp the next time it gets turned on which is good.

The digital lights were a bit hard to read at times and different angles but overall, I had no problem and felt it worked fine. In addition there is a dial to control the airflow where you had 5 choices which changed the resistance when you hauled however I did not find this added much value and not sure it would have changed how I felt about this unit if it was fixed at one end or the other.

Okay, let’s get to the main reason we buy vapes, which is the result. Overall, I have to say I was disappointed with this unit’s vape ability. The vape clouds were underwhelming and certainly did not match up to either of my favorite units. In fact, I think I even prefer my cheaper “Smite+” unit in terms of vapor clouds. The flavour was pretty good and the result worked however it just did not feel like it worked as well as many of my other units. I would imagine the cloud would be better at higher temperatures but I was comparing to my other units run at the same temps. Given I do not like vaping at temps over 205 I did not try those higher temps as I would not use them. Even if the cloud was better at those temps it would not matter for me as I would not use it that way. Add in the fact that I had to use twice as much stash but didn’t feel that led to a longer session.

There is a Mobile App for this unit that can control your dosing, but I never downloaded it as it was rated very poor on my app site. In addition, for the dosing to work you would have to put in the TCH percentages of your stash and given most of mine were home grown I would have no idea nor do I find much use even if I did. It is a nice talking point, but again in reality would I use it? Probably not. For me I mostly want a vape that I can dial up an exact temp, give me good flavour and vape clouds. The last thing is that it should be easy to clean. I have not had this long enough, but it seems it would not be hard to clean.

While this unit looked and felt great, in the end it would not be one of my “Go To” vapes. It would probably end up as one I used if I was going to be mobile and wanted to bring a vape along but for my daily home use I don’t think it will make the rotation.

To be fair I have only had it for a week so I will continue to experiment and research it to see if perhaps I am not using it in the best, most efficient way possible however at this point I was certainly not as excited about this unit as I was when it first arrived. Too bad as it looks great and feels great.

What comes in the box:

  • Davinci IQ2 Vape.
  • Dosage pad.
  • Charging cable.
  • Spare cleaning tool.
  • User manual.
  • Cotton pads (organic)
  • Ceramic extract disk
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Extended mouthpiece
  • Alcohol wipes


  • Input the potency of your cannabis flower to track and report your exact dosages per draw, and per session.
  • Add a maximum dose to your IQ2 so that you never get more high than you wanted or expected.
  • Experiment with different temperatures.
  • Automatic alert when maximum desired dose is reached.
  • Airflow dial.
  • Cool down your vapor to 50% of its temperature for smoother draws and more visible vapor clouds.
  • Medical-grade components.
  • No plastic or metal pieces touching your herb.
  • airtight, zirconia ceramic-built air path.
  • Glass lined “heat-not-burn” oven for better flavor to get the full flavour profile of your product.
  • Panel of 51 dimmable LED lights on the back of the vaporizer.
  • Track the length of your draw, your dosage, vaporizer’s temperature, battery level, etc.
  • Free of loose parts that can be easily lost.
  • Simplified airpath makes this device easy to clean.
  • Easily taken on the go.
  • 10 year warranty.

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9.5 Total Score
Numerous advanced technologies to fully customize your high.

The DaVinci IQ2 comes with a number of advanced features that allow you to track your dosages, find out your cannabis' potency, cool down your vapor, and more. If you're looking for a vaporizer with the most up to date technologies, this is the device for you.

  • Track and report exact dosages per draw and per session.
  • Set a maximum dose.
  • Custom temperatures.
  • Automatic alert when maximum set dose is reached.
  • Airflow dial.
  • Cool down your vapor to 50% of original temperature. Smoother draws.
  • Bigger vapor clouds.
  • Medical-grade components.
  • No plastic or metal pieces touching cannabis product.
  • Airtight, zirconia ceramic-built air path.
  • Glass lined "heat-not-burn" oven for superior flavor.
  • 51 dimmable LED lights on the back of the vaporizer.
  • Track the length of your draw, dosage, temperature, battery.
  • Free of loose parts that are easily lost.
  • Simplified airpath for easy cleaning.
  • Take on the go.
  • 10 year warranty.
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