Endo Hemp Wraps Review

A joint, spliff, or blunt is a popular delivery technique for cannabis. While consumers can purchase pre-rolled joints and blunts, many like wrapping their own cannabis-infused blunts. While rolling papers are thin, rolling wraps are thicker and contain tobacco and nicotine.

Instead of the usual tobacco-laced blunt wrap, users are turning to hemp-based wraps, or hemp-based paper sheets used to roll all kinds of plants.

Hemp wraps aren’t like the cigarette and cigar rolling papers of the 18th century, but are they better than blunt wraps? Continue reading about hemp wraps.

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About Endo Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps gained popularity in 2017 as online businesses made them more accessible.

Hemp wraps can be a flat sheet of hemp paper. Like a blunt wrap, you can wrap your ground marijuana flower buds inside. In the same way, hemp wraps are available in pre-rolled cone shapes, ready to be filled with cannabis flower or other herbs.

The most typical wrap material is blunt, however, it often contains nicotine.

Endo Hemp wraps are a great alternative to rice or flax rolling papers for a thicker smoke and a unique smoking experience. How so? Well, here is what you need to know about Endo hemp Wraps 


Hemp wraps come in a rainbow of tastes. So whatever your palate, you’re guaranteed to find a flavor you like. Endo carries the best hemp wrap brands in fruity flavors.

Popular flavors include:

  • Blazin’ Blue Ice
  • Haze Grape 
  • Wowie Natural
  • Georgia Peach
  • Golden Pineapple
  • Plus Russian Cream
  • Bubba Sweat


Have preferences when it comes to smoking a joint? Well, Endo Hemp Wraps come in a variety of types to fulfill the needs of every cannabis lover out there. Here are a few of the options you have:

  • Triple Double Wraps & Display
  • Hemp Wrap Cones: Wraps & Displays
  • Wood Tips Pre Rolled
  • Organic Hemp Wraps 5 Corn Filters


Most wrapping materials on the market contain or hold nicotine.

Hemp wraps have replaced nicotine wraps, giving smokers more options when it comes to rolling products. Hemp wraps are a popular tobacco-free alternative among non-smokers.

Organic Materials

People are more aware of the toxins in rolling papers and wraps. Endo Hemp wraps are 100% organic and contain no harmful substances or additional adhesives. Organic hemp wrap is the preferable option if you enjoy smoking but are concerned about the hazards linked with other wrapping sheets.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps

Indeed, hemp wraps are healthier than blunt wraps, to a degree because most hemp wraps are organic. That means no problematic fertilizers, herbicides, or growth accelerators will be used. Toxic adhesives found in blunt wraps assist keep the wrap closed and your buds secure.

These toxic substances might affect the taste, burn rate, and health. Hemp wraps can be similar to blunt wraps. However, this relies on numerous factors, including your experience rolling blunt wraps. Hemp wraps are intended for smokers who prefer a longer burn than joints or other smoking methods.

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How to Use Hemp Wraps?

There’s a lot to like about an old-fashioned blunt. However, as more cannabis users seek to avoid cigarettes at all costs, this is steadily changing. The reason for this is that people are becoming more aware of the many negative consequences of cigarette use.

Is this to say that we should toss our blunts? No way! You’ve arrived in the realm of hemp wraps.

If you’re new to the industry, hemp wraps are plain hemp-based rolling papers. This means that you will not only be smoking a blunt that is free of tobacco, but also one that contains all of the cannabinoid goodness.

How do you roll a hemp blunt is a most frequently requested question among blunt smokers who have switched to hemp wraps. Is it the same as rolling a blunt out of a tobacco wrap?

Here’s a little secret: hemp zone wraps will not require you to split a cheap cigarillo to obtain your wrap. They’re simple to deal with, and even novices can roll blunts like pros.

We’ll look at two different ways to roll hemp wraps.

Glued Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps with glue stripes are known to be more sophisticated than the following sort of wrap we’ll look at. Flat pieces of paper that are frequently adhered together. You’ll need to detach one off the roll if the adhesive strip hemp wraps are rolled.

After you’ve extracted a single sheet of paper from the packing, the procedure is similar to that of classic blunt rolling.

For a consistent smoke, grind your cannabis flower fairly. However, do not grind to a powder.

Place the ground flower on top of your hemp wraps, with the majority of it in the center and minimizing towards the edges. Take care with the adhesive strip’s edge; it should be facing upwards.

To load the flower, wrap the wrap back and forth like you would with a regular blunt. The open edge of the strip should be used.

When you’re finished packing, moisten the adhesive strip and hold it in place for approximately a minute to securely secure your blunt.

Connect one end of your filter to the other and tighten the connection.

Light your blunt when it is firm enough to enjoy a tobacco-free smoke.

Hemp Wraps Sealed

These are quite simple to deal with. In the first place, what are they? They’re tube-shaped wrapping that merely requires you to stuff your flower inside and don’t require any sealing. This is how you go about doing it.

1 to 1 1/2 grams of your chosen flower, ground

Get just one tube and save the rest for later.

Scoop a little bit of the blossom and press it into the wrap with a packing tool. Repeat the process until the wrap is completely full or all of your cannabis has been removed.

And with that, you’re all set for a decent smoke.

So, how simple is it to roll hemp wraps? Many cannabis users have abandoned cigar paper because it is so simple.

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It’s easy to see why hemp wraps are superior to old cigar wraps. Hemp wraps are designed to roll smoothly and have superior flavor and burn quality. Vegan and ethically sourced wraps are easy to find with so many manufacturers manufacturing their own.

Hemp wraps are better for you and Mother Earth, as they contain no tobacco or addictive ingredients. The benefits of hemp are numerous, and by using hemp products, you are helping to minimize our carbon impact.

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