Grizzlers Pre Rolls Review

Grizzlers Pre Rolls provide an optimal smoking experience thanks to their careful cultivation process and high-quality craft cannabis selection. Grizzlers come in a handy box that’s easy to carry and contains five individually rolled joints that have a storage life of around five days, once opened. 

Grizzlers Pre Rolls are available in Indica and Sativa, allowing you to choose between a heady daytime high and a more couch-locked stone before settling down for the night with a movie. To preserve the full flavour and freshness of these pre-rolls, keep them in a cool and dry place after opening.  One of the most remarkable things about Grizzlers Pre Rolls is the information provided inside each one of the packages, giving the user interesting, entertaining, and important facts about the product that you are going to consume. 

This company puts an emphasis on the psychoactive effects of cannabis, and doesn’t tip-toe around what you’re about to experience. Grizzlers are also distributed by around seventy retailers in Canada. This product has had a massively popular reception in country. Grizzlers is a trusted brand and the quality of the product speaks for itself.


  • Package with five cannabis joints
  • Individual wrapping
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Thick carton that’s easy to carry. 
  • High-quality craft cannabis flower. 

Watch out this video by YouTuber urbanremo, for more info about these rolls!

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9 Total Score
Fantastic product from a trusted brand.

Grizzlers Pre Rolls are a trusted and beloved pre-roll brand that contain high quality flower.

  • High quality.
  • Great presentation.
  • Popular.
  • Thick.
  • Consistent.
  • Individual wrapping.
  • 5 joints in package.
  • Long-lasting freshness.
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