Growth Science Nutrients Review

Growth Science Nutrients was formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2013. With Santa Cruz being a very popular spot for growers, it was a no brainer to build the companies main base. The company prides itself in making nutrients widely available to farmers and most importantly, affordability. Their company motto says it all – “Deep in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California, a team of plant enthusiasts set out to create high-quality plant nutrients with visionary thinking and scientific process that goal was achieved. Growth Science Nutrients is designed to help your plants reach their highest potential.”

Their veg booster Solid Start provides extra nitrogen and potassium for having the best NPK ratio in the veg phase and also includes all the boosters and additives required to enhance root density and encourage rich growth. Also they offer Rock Solid, which is a flower additive containing  three products in one, among them a PK booster, terpene enhancer, and bloom booster. And finally they offer Strength, a silica product. Growth Science Nutrients  realized that the industry did  not have an organic fertilizer alternative on the market that satisfies three key objectives. The first one is being truly organic because several companies skirt the certified organic standards  by using the word organics to sell more, becoming that word a loophole. For that reason their line will be OMRI and CFDA certified for usage on organic crops.

Second, as most of the components in most organic fertilizers are not in a form readily plant-available, lots of growers use helpful inoculants and teas in order  to accelerate the process of making those components available. Growth Science Nutrients plan to create a 100 percent plant-available line.

Nutrients Needed For Cannabis

The proper nutrients for cannabis in the right proportions can have a significant impact on the quality and volume of your bud. There are many factors that affect your decision when selecting the appropriate nutrients for your crops, among them, growing in hydroponics or soil, your budget, your expertise, and the amount of time and effort you want to put into modifying your system. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that there are some important differences between soil and hydro nutrients that must be understood before buying your fertilizer. The most essential aspects to consider when buying concentrated nutrients are that they have the right NPK ratio, they are intended specifically for hydro or soil growing, they have enough micro and macronutrients and the nutrients are chelated, or coupled with an organic molecule to make them absorbable by your plants’ roots.

When looking for cannabis nutrients, you’ll see a lot of info about their NPK(nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). They are the three most significant nutrients for all plant life. Getting the right balance of these nutrients during each stage of the cannabis plants’ growth cycle is crucial for obtaining top-quality yields and buds.

Both phases of cannabis growth, vegetative and flowering need different NPK levels, as can be seen below.

Vegetative: high nitrogen, medium/ high phosphorus, high potassium

Flowering: low nitrogen, high phosphorus, high potassium

Hydroponic nutrients  are composed of other essential minerals and micronutrients among them, magnesium, calcium, iron, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

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Soil vs hydroponic nutrients

Before buying nutrients, you should make sure that they are specifically designed for soil or hydroponics, depending on your grow setup. In soil, microbes contribute to the transformation of organic material like guano, worm castings, and many others into usable nutrients for your plants, but in hydroponics, you should provide your plants with micro and macronutrients.

Soil nutrients have higher phosphorus levels, lower nitrogen levels, and are completely organic instead of chelated.

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PH and electrical conductivity in hydroponics

When growing  hydroponically, you must regulate both PH levels and the Electrical Conductivity(EC) of your system as well as buy nutrients. PH is significantly  vital now that the  wrong PH either too acidic or too basic, limits your plants from absorbing the full quantity of nutrients they  need to thrive, meaning that you must spend a lot more money on nutrients and as a consequence your plants will suffer,  diminishing your yields.

Cannabis always needs a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 and you may manually adjust the pH of your nutrient using a pH tester.

With a pH tester you can manually adjust the pH of your nutrient  solution or you can simply get a pH dosing tool that  does it for you.

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Growth Science Products

Growth Science Nutrients – Rock Solid

Rock Solid® provides plants the necessary nutrients to produce the most flowers possible. Rock solid is a potent bloom stimulant intended to to help you increase your yield.

To provide the nutritional ratio required for maximum yields, it has to be used paired with Growth Science® Base A and Base B

Growth Science Nutrients - Rock Solid (0-4-4.5) : Bloom Booster (Quart)

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Growth Science Organics – Bloom

Growth Science® Organics Bloom includes a set of components that aid in the formation of robust flowers and better yields. The bloom’s nitrogen will provide your plant with the building blocks that will aid proteins in cell division, growth, and metabolism regulation. Phosphorus and potassium are given to promote protein growth and flowering.

Growth Science Organics – Opulent Harvest

Opulent Harvest™ gives plants a necessary component for flowering and seed formation. Composed of natural potassium, this strong bloom promotes more aromatic flowers. With Opulent Harvest™, your plant will be able to produce the high-quality fruits and blooms it is able to produce under optimal conditions.

Growth Science Organics - Opulent Harvest (0-0-3) : Bloom Booster (6G)

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Growth Science Nutrients – Base B and Base B 

Growth Science® Base A and Base B give your plants Magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It can be used for soil, coco and all hydroponic mediums and during all phases of growth.

Growth Science Organics – Grow

Growth Science® Organics Grow includes a range of components that  help plants in achieving their complete vegetative growth potential. Grow has nitrogen, which provides your plant the necessary elements to create proteins helping in cell division and growth together with cellular metabolism.

Growth Science Organics - Grow (3-3-2) : Base Nutrient (Gallon)

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Growth Science Organics – Abundant-Sea

The more fruit and blooms your plant can produce, the more successful the vegetative period is. Abundant-Sea™ was exclusively created to promote the fast growth of plants during their vegetative phase to reach their maximum growth capacity  with an amazing set of natural components.

Growth Science Nutrients – Solid Start

Solid Start® gives plants nitrogen and potassium to stimulate the growth of plants during their vegetative stage, creating large and amazing plants. It can be employed in soil, coco, and all hydroponic mediums.

Growth Science Organics – Root Magic

Root Magic® was created by combining extracts from some of nature’s most thriving performers. This mix of natural extracts provides Root Magic® its ability to boost root growth, providing plants a robust foundation for  a strong growth.Root Magic® is quite important as there is a link between root health, plant’s growth, and the final harvest.

Growth Science Nutrients – Strength

Strength incorporates Silica, which helps your plants resist stress and improve their yield. Strength®  must be used during the vegetative stage and the first two weeks of flowering. Although Silica is not taken into account, it is crucial when growing certain plants. It is necessary for having a strong and healthy plant.

Growth Science Nutrients - Strength (0-0-3) : Silica Supplement (Quart)

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10 Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Marijuana

Apart from Growth science nutrients, there are also alternatives on the market if you want to try something new or you cannot buy the growth science nutrients because they are not available in your region. Here below you can see a list with the top 10 Hydroponic nutrients available for you.  

1. General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set

The FloraMicro is the base nutrient used  during the whole life cycle of your plants. During the vegetative and flowering stages, bloom and grow are used. The levels of all three should be modified depending on the requirements of your plants. This may  seem to be a hard process, but the general Hydroponics website offers a simple feeding chart.

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer, 1 quart each

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in stock

This is an ideal collection of nutrients for anyone regardless of the experience, from beginners to experts. These nutrients are highly concentrated, so they can last a long time. The trio is offered in quart, pint, and gallon sizes. Depending on the size, prices vary from $28.38 to $86.49.


  • It is not very costly
  • Well positioned brand with a lot of excellent opinions from customers
  • Great customer service


  • It is not really organic
  • Colors are not natural
  • Some clients have had problems with broken bottles during shipping


2. General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom Dry Nutrients

Powdered nutrients are even less expensive than concentrated liquid nutrients and are simple to use. This General Hydro collection is composed of different fertilizers for veg and flowering phases. While Maxigro is used to boost faster seeding, clones and vegetative period growth, Maxibloom is normally used to generate big and healthy buds in the course of blossoming period. Furthermore, powdered nutrients are simpler to store and transport and when mixing them together, they do not usually make a mess. Price: $15.34 to $80.08 depending on size.


  • A two part set is simpler to use than a three-part set
  • Affordable
  • Nutrients in powder are simpler to use and carry


  • Customization is more limited than the three-part system
  • After using for a certain period of time, zip lock ability to seal gradually deteriorate
  • Some customers claimed that they received defective package

3. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow

Advanced Nutrients is a wonderful company having a great range of  hydroponic nutrients and supplements for cannabis growth and other plants. This premium three-part fertilizer system is intended to offer the  optimal combination of NPK and other macro and micronutrients  for optimal growth, yields, and quality  in your cannabis plants.

Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom pH Perfect Bundle Set Combo Base Nutrient 1L

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$30.84 $39.87

This system features an ideal ph formulation to decrease the need for pH changes. This combination of nutrients contains a variety of amino acids and non-ionic surfactants. All of them assure an effective absorption from your plants. Price: $29.99 to $202.44 depending on size.


  • pH balancing formula
  • Amino acids and all micronutrients necessary for cannabis growth are present
  • Three- part system for a better customization
  • Variety of sizes


  • It is really pricey
  • Some think that the brand is over-hyped

4. Roots Organics Buddha Grow & Buddha Bloom Fertilizer

Roots Organics offers top quality products and is the only organic fertilizer on this list. That’s why it is often considered the best brand offering organic weed nutrients. Although their Grow and Bloom fertilizers were created for use in soil, a big number of customers claimed that they have had good results using these fertilizers in hydroponic systems. These fertilizers are pretty smooth, with no cloudiness or big organic particles that may block watering systems.

Because there are no hose sprinklers or hoses in the deep water culture system, this organic fertilizer is very effective. Remember that soil fertilizers have slightly varying nutrient levels than hydroponic fertilizers, therefore you may need to supplement. On the other hand, if you have a soil base or outdoor grow , this combination of fertilizers is ideal for an entire organic  system. Price: $18.60 to $160.75 depending on size.


  • 100% organic
  • No irrigation system clogging
  • Excellent for soil system


  • Quite pricey
  • It is made for hydro
  • Some customers claimed that they received expired bottles

5. FoxFarm Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom Liquid Fertilizer Nutrient Trio

Foxfarm has a complete line of basic trio nutrients for hydro and soil systems. This trio is exclusively designed for hydroponics, but you can find the soil formulation here in case you have a soil system.

This trio is composed of Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom, being the latter used  at all stages of growth. Grow Big is a specific mixture meant to promote healthy and abundant green growth during the vegetative stage.

Tiger Bloom is intended to enhance yields and create the biggest and healthiest. FoxFarm is a company widely known with lots of satisfied and happy clients that use their fertilizers on a regular basis. Price: $39.49.


  • Both soil and hydro solutions are available
  • A company with a significant number of satisfied customers
  • Superb customer service
  • High effectiveness at all growth stages


  • Some buyers received open bottles
  • It is quite hard to use the three-part formula
  • The salt buildup is an issue for some growers

6. Botanicare KIND Base, Bloom & Grow Fertilizer

Botanicare’s KND series is the most popular hydroponics nutrient system offered by the company. This has been developed over 15 years of research, trial and error. These 3 formulas work to give the most optimal nutrition to your plants during each stage of growth.

The purpose of this system is to increase versatility, use, and efficiency. It was constructed in tiny batches and doesn’t use any artificial colors. These nutrients are salt-free, therefore they can avoid your hydro system building up salt.

With different NPK ratios on each Base, Bloom, and Grow formulas, you can get the most flexible system. This is nice for people who want to grow plants different from cannabis now that the same nutrients can perfectly work in various combinations for any plant.


  • Both soil and hydro solutions are available
  • Quite cheap
  • Very high customizable system with NPK ratios
  • Research and experiments during a period of 15 years to develop the product
  • No artificial colors


  • It is not organic
  • Unbalanced pH
  • Customer service is not as good as other brands

7. Humboldts Secret Base A & B Bundle

Humbolt’s Secret nutrients began with their Golden tree additive, which has all the important minerals for cannabis that are not common in base nutrients. This product was so famous  that a line of base nutrients was created as well, which included this two-part method. This fertilizer mixture can be utilized on other plants different from cannabis as well. Price: $36 with free shipping.

Humboldts Secret Base A & B Bundle – World's Best Base Nutrient System – Liquid Nutrient/Fertilizer for Indoor Plants –...

Free shipping
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$44.97 $49.99


  • Ease of use
  • Very positive reputation
  • All essential nutrients are included


  • There is not enough info online
  • There are not many reviews

8. Blue Planet Nutrients Elite 3-Part System

The three-part nutrients for the weed system from Blue Planet Nutrients are more than enough to grow excellent cannabis. Its Elite Series is specially developed for the nutrients that cannabis needs, and it can be helpful if you want to get the most buds for the largest yields you have ever had. This nutrient system is relatively cheap.

Blue planet achieves this by acting as their own distributor, avoiding the need to pay an intermediary when buying their nutrients. On their label, you can see specifically designed charts with the precise ratios of each of the three base nutrients for every phase of growth. Price: $71.20 for 3 gallons.


  • Developed and created by plant scientist
  • Completely customizable
  • Affordable
  • No intermediary when purchasing


  • Not organic
  • Few reviews received
  • Dyes used as artificial colors

9. Cutting Edge Solutions Grow, Bloom & Micro Nutrients

Cutting Edge Solutions is one of the greatest mineral mineral-based fertilizers available on the market. This system is manufactured and guaranteed to be of the highest quality, with no outsourcing in the nutrient production process. The three nutrient solutions that compose this system do not contain any artificial growth hormones, growth regulators, or dyes. This line is enough to utilize for beginners but efficient enough to be appreciated by growers.


  • 100-free artificial dyes
  • No growth hormones or enhancers
  • Handcrafted


  • Very pricey
  • Not enough reviews online

10. Growth Science Nutrients Base, Solid Start & Rock Solid Liquid Nutrients

The three-part Growth Science Nutrients system is an effective fertilizer solution for novice and expert growers. Including the two base nutrients. There are three extra solutions to complete in this way a five-part system.

While Base A has nitrogen and micronutrients, Base B contains phosphorous and potassium. The vegetative stage formula, Solid Start, promotes healthy green crop growth and Rock Solid provides large and high-quality buds.


  • Five part system for a complete nutrition for your plants
  • Premium micronutrients


  • Quite costly
  • May cause problems for beginners

9.9 Total Score
A solid company dedicated to growers.

Growth Science Nutrients prides itself in making nutrients widely available to farmers and most importantly, affordability.

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