NugSmasher Pro Review

The NugSmasher Pro is another plug-and-play rosin press. Just pull the NugSmasher Pro out from its case, plug it in, and turn it on. And there it is! You can begin rosin extraction. Or, you can even hook it up to an air compressor to allow output to really speed up.

The Nugsmasher takes several control circuits to operate properly (this is all internal, so you don’t have to worry about this). The reason for this is that having the main control circuit and 3 sub-control circuits, and running both into high- circuit breakers, provides the most secure process possible. The circuit breakers are fixed to the front panel for quick access and control.

The Nugsmasher Pro top and bottom plates are each equipped with three 160-watt heating elements, for a total of 480 watts per base. This guarantees quick start-up, including heat diffusion across all plates and steady working temperature. The top plates are insulated thermally to reduce heat loss from the pressing region. Additionally, this separation guarantees stable temperatures and more effective activity.

Different levels of pressure mean different results. For predictable outcomes, using a pressure gage helps you to determine the optimal level of pressure for the maximum yield and then ensure that you apply the same level every time.

Two LED lights illuminate the smash plates to make the process as easy and visible as possible. You know how cool this function can be if you’ve ever tried pressing rosin in a poorly lit room.

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Major features

  • Industrial strength pressing for modern homes
  • Rock-Solid professional construction and design
  • Plug and Play — No compressor needed
  • Illuminated work area for easier operation
  • Safety-First Design
  • Dual PID temperature controllers for ultimate precision
  • Built-In pressure gauge for consistent quality
  • Rapid-Heating, Thermally-Isolated plates


This press is the product for getting you from home preparation to professional level rosin. As for any other Nugsmasher presses, this machine is ready to go right out of the box. The Pro will even run pneumatically to allow output to really speed up. Simply add an air compressor, and continue to operate as normal.

Want to see the NugSmasher Pro in action? Check out this great video of the NugSmasher making a 14 gram extraction by Nugsmasher!

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9.2 Total Score
Compact machine that produced large quantities of professional rosin

This plug-and-play rosin press is high-quality, compact, and can produce large amounts of rosin at once. If you're looking for professional grade rosin, this is the machine for you.

  • Industrial strength pressing
  • Professionally built with a rock-solid design
  • No compressor needed
  • Plug-and-play rosin press
  • The press is illuminated for more visibility.
  • Safety-Forward design
  • Dual PID temperature controllers for superior precision
  • Built-in pressure gauge, allowing for extreme consistency
  • Rapid-heating and thermally-isolated plates
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