SeshGear Dabtron Review

Walk into any store that sells vaping devices, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll come across varieties of dab rigs in different shapes and sizes, all promising the best experience. However, if you’ve been using these devices, you’re not new to brands making grandiose claims about the capabilities of their devices.

Regardless, e-rigs are fast becoming dominant features in the vaping scene. From connoisseurs to newbies, these are the go-to devices for users who want a memorable vaping session. However, notwithstanding the marketing spiel brands use to push their products, you certainly understand the importance of a good quality dab rig.

So, this review aims to showcase the features and capabilities of the SeshGear Dabtron Electric dab rig. It comes with an affordable price tag, but is it a good value for money?

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Technology: SeshGear Dabtron boasts cutting-edge heating elements, ensuring efficient and even concentrate vaporization.
  • User-Friendly Design: With its intuitive controls and ergonomic build, the Dabtron offers a seamless dabbing experience.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Engineered for extended sessions, the Dabtron’s battery life stands out, minimizing frequent recharges.
Last update was on: July 13, 2024 11:17 am

What is a Dabtron Electric Dab e-Rig?

Pulsar SeshGear Dabtron Dab Rig

Last update was on: July 13, 2024 11:17 am

The Dabtron electric dab rig is a vaporizer with modern features and capabilities that make it more efficient and easy to use. Like most dab rigs, the SeshGear Dabtron Electric dab rig is designed for use with concentrates like shatter and wax. It is portable and powered by a 2000 mAh battery that lasts multiple sessions and can recharge on the go.

This Dabtron electric dab rig can easily be disassembled and assembled – an aspect that makes it easy to clean. However, putting the parts together can be a little daunting initially, but thankfully, the instructions are easy to follow and well-illustrated.

This dab rig has an easy-to-access button at the top for selecting four preset heat levels optimized for dabbing. In as little as 20 seconds, the Dabtron electric dab rig is ready to produce thick, water-filtered clouds for your enjoyment.

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How to Use a SeshGear Dabtron e-Rig

Using the Dabtron e-rig is straightforward. But before we get to that, it’s good to know that this e-rig has two operation modes – on-demand and session modes.

For the on-demand mode, push and hold the power button for the device to start pulsing and firing heat into the chamber and heat the concentrate. To activate the session mode, double-click the power button. This powers on the device for like 20 seconds before it powers off again.

There are four different temperature settings coded blue, yellow, green, and red. Blue is the lowest heat setting, while red is the highest. From other online Dabtron reviews, the lower voltage settings are more than enough to produce big hits. If anything, some users feel the higher temperature settings affect the vapor’s flavor and overall quality.

Also, when starting, it’s recommended to bump up the heat to melt the concentrate evenly. Once the concentrate has melted, dial down the temperature before taking the hits. This helps preserve the flavor and overall quality.

So, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the Dabtron dab rig.

  1. Press and hold the power button to preheat the oven. This also activates the on-demand mode.
  2. Load the oven.
  3. Don’t replace the carb cap just yet to enable you visually inspect the melting and know when the extract has melted completely. Use the yellow heat setting to speed up the process.
  4. As the material heats, rotate the carb cap to allow uninterrupted airflow into the vapor chamber.
  5. Once the concentrate has melted, ease off the heater, place the carb cap, and switch to the blue heat setting.
  6. When you’re ready to inhale, put your finger on the carb cap hole, and take a hit. Alternatively, you can leave the carb cap hole open to allow more air into the chamber.

The process is the same for the session mode. However, you’ll need to double-click the power button to activate this mode. The Session mode is essentially a hands-free mode that powers on and off intermittently after 20 seconds.

You can alternate between the on-demand and session modes depending on your preference.

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SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig Review

About the Brand

SeshGear is a manufacturer of high-quality vapes for oils, concentrate wax, and herbs. The company’s goal is to keep innovating and offer the best quality vaporizers to end-users. The Dabtron Electric Dab Rig is currently their best-selling e-rig, perfect for heavy vapers and beginners.


The Dabtron electric dab rig is well-designed. It has an extended mouthpiece that protrudes at an angle, making it feel like you’re sipping soda or juice. The body is ergonomically shaped for a natural and easy grip. What’s more, the glass water cup can easily be accessed, which makes it easy to detach and clean.

Features and Benefits

One of the standout features of the SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig is the dual mode. Unlike other e-rigs, which typically have a single mode, two modes of use make the Dabtron e-rig more convenient.

The session mode is particularly practical because it enables hands-free use. Unlike the on-demand mode, the session mode automatically kicks when you double-click the power button. It essentially means you can do other things while vaping.

Also, the session mode preserves battery power allowing you to get more cycles from a single charge. Unlike the on-demand mode, intermittent switching on and off during session mode means the battery takes ‘a breather’ between heating cycles.

Talking of the battery, this dab rig utilizes a 2000mAh battery that charges via USB-C charging technology. Most e-rigs have a 1500 mAh capacity battery. This means the Dabtron electric dab rig is more powerful.

Ease of Use

E-rigs are conventionally easy to use, and the SeshGear Dabtron is no different. The device is easy to load and activate with an easy-to-access power button at the top.

Its parts are detachable and make for easy cleaning. Moreover, it’s also compatible with 510 thread carts which is a bonus as far as versatility is concerned. As a result, this e-rig can be used with oils, wax, and herbs.

Temperature Settings

The SeshGear Dabtron Electric dab rig has four voltage settings designated by four colors – blue, yellow, green, and red. While having such different heating levels is good, other Dabtron reviews suggest lower temperatures produce the best quality vapor.

But by having different heat settings, this dab rig gives users more leeway in terms of tailoring the heat output to different types of cannabis materials. Different oils/concentrates have varying melting and evaporation points. You only need to program the heat to get the clouds you want!


The base jar is made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient which makes it more resistant to thermal shock than other glasses. This ensures the base jar doesn’t melt or burn as it’s obviously exposed to high temperatures.

The carb cap typically comes in metal or glass material. Naturally, these materials are highly heat-resistant and won’t be affected by high temperatures. This implies the SeshGear Dabtron is durable and will serve you longer.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is one reason e-rigs are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users. Unlike joints, blunts, and pipes that produce harsh smoke, e-rigs produce smokeless vapor that is much gentler on the lungs.

In vape cloud science (yup, there’s such a thing), certain factors determine the quality of vapor your vaporizer produces. Airflow plays a massive role in amping your clouds. The better the airflow inside the dab rig, the higher the condensation levels, thus, thicker clouds.

But you don’t want too much airflow as this might affect cloud formation. A perfect balance between the air volume entering the collection chamber and the vapor produced is crucial. The SeshGear Dabtron has a hole in the carb cap for this purpose. To optimize airflow, it’s recommended to rotate the carb cap while heating the material. Better airflow leads to more clouds.

The atomizer is another valuable asset in the cloud formation process. Quartz and ceramic coils like the one used in the Dabtron dab rig make the smoothest clouds. The atomizer also helps channel heat effectively, meaning higher heating efficiency.

But remember that while heat is necessary to form clouds, lower temperatures help maintain the original cannabis characteristics, e.g., cannabinoid and terpene profile. This translates to more flavor and a better experience.

Pros and Cons

Like everything, the SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab rig might be a great vaporizer, but it has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s overview the things that work for and against this e-rig.


  • Very affordable, probably the cheapest full-feature e-rig on the market
  • Good battery capacity
  • No coil quartz cup, which means better heat distribution and minimal mess
  • Ergonomic design that makes it easy to use


  • A small heating chamber, which may need frequent reloading.
  • Diminishing flavor at higher temperatures
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Dabtron Electric Dab Rig Overall Impressions

SeshGear Dabtron Dab Rig by Pulsar

as of July 13, 2024 11:17 am

There are reasons why you should consider buying the Dabtron Electric Dab Rig. If you’re just getting started in the art of dabbing, it’s an excellent choice. The price is pocket-friendly, and you get similar features to those of costlier devices.

Overall, the SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab rig is a decent vaporizer that does what it’s built to do. Admittedly, some features, such as the oven size, need improvements, so we hope future models can address this downside. But for anyone seeking a practical vaporizer that gets the job done, this is it.

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