What is THCJD?

Today, cannabis researchers have discovered more than 100 unique cannabinoids in cannabis plants, including THC and CBD. We’ve had quite an array of them — from Delta-8 THC to Delta-9 THC, HHC, and THC-O.

Today, another cannabinoid is slowly making waves on the cannabis scene and its name is THCJD or tetrahydrocannabioctyl.

Only discovered a few years ago, this potent, naturally occurring cannabinoid seems to be becoming a favorite among explorative cannabinoid consumers who are looking for a new source of high.

But, what is THCJD? And what makes it so much different from all the cannabinoids we already know? Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • THCJD is a recently discovered cannabinoid that occurs naturally in all cannabis and hemp plants.
  • THCJD cannabinoid is a psychoactive compound and is very similar to THC
  • While THCJD is similar to THC in several ways, its effects are generally more intense and longer-lasting.

What is THCJD?

THCJD, or tetrahydrocannabioctyl, is a rare type of THC, one of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in all varieties of hemp plants. However, unlike more abundant cannabinoids, THCJD makes up only approximately 1% of the cannabinoids profile, which makes it much more challenging to acquire.

However, what THCJD lacks in abundance, it makes up for in potency. According to some reports, THCJD can potentially produce a high that’s at least 19 times stronger than Delta-9 THC and more than 25 times more potent than either Delta-8 or Delta-10.

This wide disparity in potency is largely due to the molecular difference between the side carbon chains in THC and THCJD. But, we’ll dive deeper into the science stuff later on in this article.

Due to its higher potency, we advise beginner cannabis to be more careful when trying THCJD. Better still, ensure you’re comfortable with higher doses of Delta-9 THC before working your way up to THCJD.

How Does THCJD Make You Feel?

Now that we’ve covered what is THCJD, let’s talk about the kind of effects you can expect from this cannabinoid. Since THCJD is chemically similar to Delta-9 THC, you’ll typically feel the same way you would if you consumed THC, with a little extra intensity.

Most first-time THCJD users say that it is all about euphoria. Generally, you should expect a much stronger feeling of euphoria than you’d get with Delta-9 or any other cannabinoid.

However, like all psychoactive substances, THCJD affects people differently. Some people report feeling deeply relaxed and don’t want to leave the couch.

Either way, you should note that the effects of THCJD are very long-lasting and the feelings of euphoria or relaxation will likely stay with you throughout the duration of the high.

Does THCJD Get You High?

Like THC, THCJD is a psychoactive substance and will get you high if you consume it. Therefore we don’t recommend operating heavy machinery, like cars, whenever you consume THCJD.

Also, you should note that THCJD will show up in a drug test. 

The Effects of THCJD

While there is still a ton of knowledge to uncover about THCJD, early users have given us some idea about the effects of the compound.

Here are some of the effects of the THCJD cannabinoid:

  • Slowed reflexes
  • Lightheadedness
  • A sense of euphoria
  • Enhanced sensory perception
  • Pain or stress relief

It’s worth noting that tetrahydrocannabioctyl products are generally new on the market and are still without regulation. Therefore, we recommend caution when buying or consuming these products

Pros & Cons of THCJD

In light of the fact that THCJD is still a recent discovery, there are almost no published studies about it. As a result, it may be impossible to give detailed and 100% certified information about the benefits and drawbacks of THCJD. 

Nonetheless, here are some educated inferences on the pros and cons of THCJD:

The Pros

  • THCJD may help you relax if you’re dealing with stress or sleeping disorders.
  • THCJD has great potential to aid pain relief
  • It can help in stimulating appetite
  • THCJD may help in the treatment of anxiety and depression

The Cons

  • Using THCJD may lead to side effects, such as dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, short-term memory loss, and anxiety, especially with higher doses
  • It may result in “highs” that are too intense for the user

Can You Smoke THCJD?

Yes, you can smoke THCJD. The compound is available in vapes through which you inhale to deliver the THCJD directly into your bloodstream.

Can You Eat THCJD?

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume THC and other cannabinoids. So it is not surprising that there are several THCJD-infused edible products, ranging from gummies to chocolates and sweets.

One of our favorite THCJD gummies would be the DeltaExtrax Lights Out gummies. The Watermelon Lemonade flavor is really nice but you could also try their other two flavors; Blue Razzle and Sour Apple. There are 10 gummies in this pack, each of which contains 125mg of THCJD. This product is going to hit hard so DeltaExtrax recommends trying out ¼ or ½ of a gummy to see the effects.

If you’re looking for more orange and citrus flavored gummies, DeltaExtrax has you covered. Their Lights Out Blood Orange gummies are an absolute treat! However, you should keep in mind that there are a lot more cannabinoids in these gummies than just THCJD. You’re getting THCH, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and even THCP, which is regarded as the most potent cannabinoid out there. So, caution is advised.

If the 125mg and 150mg of THCJD wasn’t cutting it for you, DeltaExtrax still has something else for you. Their Lights Out Mystery Gummies have a whopping 175mg of THC per gummy. This pack of 20 gummies has 3500mg of THC, which is divided between THCH, THCJD, THCP, and Delta-9 THC.


The most notable difference between THCJD and THC is the arrangement of their carbon side chain. While THC has an alkyl side chain made from five carbon atoms, THCJD has eight carbon on its sidechain.  Many experts believe that this is why THCJD is considerably more psychoactive than Delta-9 THC as its chemical structure allows it to bind with more biological endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

Is THCJD Legal?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp plant and all its derivatives, with the condition that the product does not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. THCJD complies with this regulation.

Where to Buy THCJD Online 

Remember, THCJD is still a very recent product and most brands do not sell it yet. Therefore, if you want to buy THCJD online, recommend looking for a reputable manufacturer that has third-party testing results to ensure conformity with the 0.3% THC rule and more. 

With that said, DeltaExtrax are one of the most reliable vendors of THCJD products. They have expertise in working with alt-cannabinoids, so you probably won’t have any complaints against their THCJD lineup of products.

THCJD: Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much THCJD Should I Take?

Your ideal THCJD dosage depends on several factors, such as your tolerance level, metabolism rate, health status, body size and more. However, we recommend starting with 5-10mg of THCJD at one time just to see how your body reacts to it. If the effects are not as strong as you desire, you can push this up to 20mg.

How Long Does THCJD Stay in Your System?

Generally, THCJD may stay in your system for at least 30 days. The compound may stay in your blood for up to three days while it may last as long as 30 days in your urine. THCJD stays in your hair longest and can go up to 2-3 months.

How Long Does the THCJD High Last?

Depending on your consumption method, the effects of THCJD may last anywhere between two hours and twelve hours. In some cases, the high may last longer.

How Strong is THCJD?

Many experts believe THCJD is about 19 times stronger than Delta-9 THC and at least 25 times stronger than Delta-8.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap things up, tetrahydrocannabioctyl or the THCJD cannabinoid is an extremely potent, hard hitting cannabinoid that’s only suitable for experienced users. If you’re a regular user of Delta-9 THC, you should definitely try THCJD. The experience will be unique and you might end up liking this cannabinoid a lot more than the traditional THC products you’ve been consuming till now. However, you need to be very careful of the dosage. Consuming higher doses than recommended might do more harm than good.


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