Binoid THCV Vape Cartridge Review

Being the pioneer in the THCV cartridges segment, THCV + Delta 8 THC vape cartridge comes with premium Delta 8, CBD, CBN along with outstanding terpene strains to supply remarkable benefits such as a pleasant boost of both mind and appetite, and a full-body relaxation experience.

Our vape cartridges are becoming more and more trendy along with their unique and astonishing terpene flavors, which are believed to make users feel quiet, cheerful, and inspired. Both THCV and Delta 8 THC  have different effects, while THCV performs well when it comes to enhancing the frame of mind and focus, and decreasing appetite, Delta 8 gives a complete body relaxation experience. If you want to learn more about terpene, you can check out our article here.

What is THCV?

THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cannabinoid normally identified in hemp extracts. It has a variety of benefits including mental clarity enhancer, energy booster, stimulation, focus, appetite-suppressing attributes and more. There is another cannabinoid which is named THC being close in name to THCV, but regarding their effects both of them are opposite cannabinoids.

They affect the same receptors in charge of changing or influencing the state of both mind and body. As an example, while THCV restrains these receptors, THC stimulates them, THC works as an appetite booster and THCV diminishes appetite instead, and THC is well-known for bringing on a feeling of being high, whereas THCV generally produces feelings related to mental clarity and attentiveness.

Despite consumers having positive experiences and benefits when ingesting HTVC, this cannabinoid has no solid studies or experiments on humans or animals to demonstrate its properties and how they affect the human body. Therefore, the only evidence we have up to now about the benefits and effects of making use of this cannabinoid is the experiences reported by a big number of users.

THCV for mental clarity

THCV is often associated with the multiple medical benefits it can provide, some of them being more known than others. Among these benefits we can find that this cannabinoid by itself is a supplement par excellence when treating symptoms regarding mental health, considerably improving the consumers’ lifestyle in several ways.

Among some of the perks offered by THCV we can find that:

  • HTCV can control anxiety without worrying about the side effects produced by THC, its “antagonist”, which is known for treating anxiety but having at times the adverse effects, including paranoia.
  • Sleeping being a crucial part of anyone’s life for having an adequate quality of life on a daily basis, THCV improves sleep experience and reduces sleep disorders.
  • HTVC helps to decrease symptoms related to psychiatric maladies such as schizophrenia, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s and brain lesions. 

Nevertheless, if anyone suffering from any of these maladies want to use this cannabinoid for self-treatment, it is highly recommended to contact a physician before use to be appropriately prescribed in order to avoid possible negative side effects worsening everything.

THCV and Delta 8 THC effects

First, it is crucial to note that every cannabinoid is either slightly or completely different from other cannabinoids depending on its characteristics and the effects and benefits they can provide individually. However, when combining a host of specific cannabinoids with different features, it is not relevant anymore the effects and benefits each of them can give, but how they work together as whole and affect our body becomes relevant.

According to what was said above, THCV and Delta have differences not only in their structure but also in the effects provided by each of them individually.
While THCV is said to offer features able to make users feel productive and  mellow, have positive emotions and peace of mind, and lessen appetite, Delta 8 THC products, on the other hand, grant an incredibly full-body relaxation experience.

Regarding the medical effects offered by both cannabinoids, HTVC contains properties helping suppress or decrease sleep disorders such as insomnia, mental disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and anxiety, and Delta 8 THC helps to diminish nausea and vomiting, pain and inflammation, and anxiety.

Thanks to the unique and perfectly balanced formula of 20% THCV, 30% Delta 8, and 45% ·CBD/CBN/CBC and 5% Terpenes, you can get an exceptional uplifting feeling, reduce your appetite, improve your productivity and boost your mind with no adverse effects.

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Delta & THCV Cartridges

The Binoid THCV + Delta 8 THC vape cartridge can provide an uplifting feel, mind clarity, mellow relief, and combining the very best of both worlds; THCV + Delta8 THC comes in a 510 compatible glass CCELL cartridge together with a core and mouthpiece made of ceramic to guarantee a nice performance and taste.

Each cartridge combining the benefits of THCV and Delta 8, contains the following:

  • 20% THCV (Strongest THCV Vape On The Market)
  • 30% Delta 8 THC
  • 45% CBD/CBN/CBC
  • 5% Terpene
  • May Be For Appetite, Weight, and Panic/Stress

The Binoid THCV + Delta 8 THC vape cartridges come in 3 different presentations. They differ in the strains they are composed of, having each presentation different effects and uses among which we can find:

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Purple Haze

Its effects are associated with tranquility, happiness and high motivation and it is splendid for focusing on daily tasks.

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 It is the perfect choice for gatherings and leisure activities while giving feelings of tranquility, happiness, and productivity.

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Sour Tangie

Users boost their mood during the day while feeling calm, happy and focused.  

All of them have a similar price of around $43.99

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9.2 Total Score
A pioneer in the THCV cartridges!

Both THCV and Delta 8 THC  have different effects, while THCV performs well when it comes to enhancing the frame of mind and focus, and decreasing appetite.

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