Black G Pro Review

This popular vape can be found under many brand names. Yet, they all keep their main features with a few differences. You might consider G Pro as your first option, but there are actually plenty of them to choose from such as KandyPens (K-Vape)

G Pro vape pens were specially designed to be practical and user friendly. With just one click you can turn your vape on to choose heat settings which are categorized by three colors: blue, green and red for high, medium and low temperatures. Take into account that, in this case, red indicates the lowest heat settings compared to other models that use blue as a low-temperature reference. In other words, the temperatures go from 320°F (red) to 420°F (blue).

Standard DGK and black scale are the main models that G Pro offers. Even though the vapor quality is not the best, it is still a very inexpensive vape. However, using a special adapter with a water-pipe can definitely considerably enhance the vapor in a much smoother and intense quality. You should also keep it on high or medium heat settings to avoid the flavor from getting harsh.

G Pro contains a large herb chamber that is sure to give you great draws. It is recommended that you grind your herbs finely. Another positive feature is that it just takes around one minute to heat up. Moreover, it uses a standard micro-USB adapter that is really useful for charging. The battery usually lasts about an hour, luckily you can use the vaper while it’s charging.

Brushing out the mouthpiece and chamber after each session is essential to keep the vape clean and ready to be used again. With an herb chamber size of 0.4g to 0.5g, you can definitely have consistent vaporizing experience.

K-Vape models also share many similar features with G Pro so the recommendations are the same. They might not produce top-shelf vapor, but G Pro and K-Vape are great options for vape beginners.

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8.5 Total Score
A popular and easy to use vape for beginners.

G Pro is designed to give you great draws, and offers three colors for high, medium and low heat.

  • Practical.
  • Friendly.
  • Easy to find.
  • One click heat settings.
  • Contains large herb chamber.
  • One minute to heat up.
  • Great for vape beginners.
  • Categorized by temperatures.
  • Ideal for adapters.
  • Positive features.
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