NugSmasher OG Review

In the Rosin Press industry, with so many brands offering several rosin press options, it can be hard to choose the most suitable rosin press for your specific needs. Good quality is always a concern. Presses from bad-quality manufacturers, designing cheaper products, can result in a bad final product and low-quality yields, which is a waste of both your time as well as resources.  

Luckily, there is Nugsmasher in the market; it is one of the leading brands in the rosin pressing business, manufacturing the top-quality rosin presses for operations ranging from commercial scale to casual receational users. 

Among several models of Nugsmasher presses, the amazing, Nugsmasher Original also known as Nugsmasher OG is an affordable manual rosin press with 12 tons of manually controlled smashing pressure. The Nugsmasher OG also features Solid Structural Steel 4″ x 4″ smash plates with 160W dual heating elements, enabling you to extract up-to 14g in just one go. If you are someone looking for expert results with a compact machine Nugsmasher OG is a perfect choice for you. With a warranty of lifetime and affordable cost, the Nugsmasher OG makes an ideal press one can ever get.

The NugSmasher OG Rosin Press Features

  • 12 Tons of Pressure
  • Made from Solid Structural Steel
  • Large 4″ x 4″ Squash Plates
  • 160W Dual Heating Elements 
  • Precise Temperature Control with pinpoint accuracy
  • Circuit Protection for safety
  • Fast and Convenient Retract Plate Release Lever
  • Manual Pump Lever
  • Made in the USA
  • Fully manufacturer-backed warranty for Life

Final Verdict

All in all NugSmasher OG press is an incredibly well-built product and gives you the best value for money. It is made entirely in the USA and comes with a manufacturer-backed lifetime guarantee. With NugSmasher OG there is only one downside and it just applies to some people as this press is intended for home or small scale commercial operations. With Plug and Play features the NugSmasher OG makes a great personal use press if you are planning to do a lot of rosin extraction.

Take a look at this Unboxing video by YouTuber Samsquash 68!

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9.5 Total Score
NugSmasher OG press gives you the best value for money!

NugSmasher OG press makes a great personal use press if you are planning to do a lot of rosin extraction., since it is an incredibly well-built product, suitable for home or small scale commercial operations.

  • Dual Heating Elements. 
  • Solid Structural Steel.
  • 12 Tons of Pressure
  • Large Squash Plates
  • Precise Temperature Control.
  • Circuit Protection.
  • Retract Plate Release Lever
  • Manual Pump Lever
  • Warranty for Life.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Large operations rangings.
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