Best CBD Flower for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both diagnoses that can quickly hinder your quality of life. Chronic stress and other symptoms can greatly impact your mental health, which is why more and more users have taken an interest in using CBD as a natural way to decompress.

However, if you are barely starting into the world of hemp and you are looking for the best CBD flower for anxiety and depression, look no further. In this guide, we’ll show you how CBD can help with some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression, how to start smoking, how to find the right dosage, and of course, some of our favorite CBD strains from top-shelf dispensaries like Botany Farms and Secret Nature CBD.

Last update was on: September 20, 2023 7:58 pm

Key Takeaways

  • CBD flower is categorized as hemp, meaning it contains mostly Cannabidiol as its main component and has less than 0.3% of THC.
  • Cannabidiol has shown great results in aiding with anxiety symptoms and related diagnoses, thanks to its interaction with the ECS.
  • You can start smoking CBD flowers by starting with small doses every now and then. We usually advise starting with small, half a gram prerolls.
  • Generally speaking, indica-leaning strains are preferred for stress, anxiety, and depression due to their unique relaxing properties.
  • Lastly, remember you can try strains from safe dispensaries like Botany Farms and Secret Nature CBD.
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A Quick Look at the Best CBD Flower for Relaxation

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What is a CBD flower?

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Before we delve into our best CBD flower for anxiety and depression list, let’s go back to basics and review hemp flowers. Since 2018, new terms like hemp or CBD flower have been buzzing around dispensaries, so it is important you can differentiate between CBD flower, Cannabis, and medicinal marijuana.

Firstly let’s talk about CBD or hemp flowers. To put it simply, these are buds that are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, which makes them legal at a federal level. These flowers do not contain Delta-9 THC at all and are usually strains that have been modified by crossbreeding techniques.

The second type of flower is cannabis. While it technically is the same plant, these are the buds that you’ve known for a while and will get you intoxicated. They can have a mix of CBD and Delta-9 THC, which makes them part of the Controlled Substance Act.

Lastly, there’s medicinal marijuana or cannabis. Some states allow flowers with Delta-9 THC to be consumed by very specific patients, hence the medicinal part. To buy and consume them, you need a special license that the state and a doctor has to provide, which limits the consumption of flowers.

CBD flower is an alternative to these two, as it can provide a similar onset, lots of delicious taste profiles, and some potential benefits like aiding with anxiety and depression symptoms. They are also easier to access thanks to their legal status, but let’s take a look at this potential help.

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Does CBD Flower Help With Anxiety and Depression?

Cannabidiol flowers can potentially be helpful in treating anxiety and stress symptoms while also helping with depression symptoms. There is evidence that Cannabidiol could work to help reduce anxiety behaviors relevant to multiple disorders, even aiding with anxiogenic effects.

In this study, CBD was shown to potentially help with anxiety. Research also found that CBD could have potential value to treat anxiety disorders, while more clinical studies were needed to assert this.

More recent scientific reviews on both pre-clinical and clinical evidence suggest that CBD could be of aid to help thanks to its anxiolytic, anti-stress, anti-compulsive, and panicolytic effects of Cannabidiol. In general, they concluded that it could act as a potential treatment for these symptoms as well.

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How Does CBD Flower Work to Reduce Anxiety and Depression?

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Now, smoking this cannabinoid can help reduce anxiety or depression thanks to its pharmacology and how it interacts with our nervous network. Without getting too technical, CBD can regulate our ECS, known as the Endocannabinoid System.

The ECS is responsible for several signals in our body, including stress, pain, hunger, and general mood. Our bodies produce our own ways of regulating this with compounds called endocannabinoids. CBD can help with regulating chemical responses and aiding with the production of our own endocannabinoids too.

By doing this, Cannabidiol can help reduce certain symptoms of anxiety and depression. While there’s more information and clinical trials are being tested, there’s still a lot to learn before a clinical treatment for this type of diagnosis is available. Still, there is tons of potential for CBD to aid with symptoms.

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How to Use CBD Flower for Anxiety and Depression

To use CBD for anxiety and depression, it is important you always start with small and buildable doses. This can be done by starting with small herb portions and smoking pre rolls in parts.

Now, to smoke CBD flowers, you can use either a pipe or glass device, roll your own joint, or buy prerolls. The latter is the preferred option if you are experimenting, as you can buy pre rolls from many sizes and strains, which can help you choose the right strain for you.

In general, we’d recommend starting with a few tokes at first whenever you feel the anxiety or stress rush before committing to a schedule. Once you see how your body reacts to CBD, you can start smoking every now and then or try having a slightly bigger dose, depending on if your current dose can help your symptoms.

We’ll talk further in depth about dosage next, but it is important you listen to your body’s reaction when trying CBD for the first time, see if it makes you feel drowsy or energized, and adjust the dosage accordingly. Let’s take a look at dosage quickly.

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CBD Flower Dosage for Anxiety and Depression

Now, we’ve talked about a few tips on how to use CBD flowers for anxiety. That said, let’s have a quick chat on dosage. Usually, joints and pre rolls come anywhere between 0.5g, 1g, and up to 2g of herb content.

If you are feeling mild stress symptoms, we will start with one pre-rolls or joint with 0.5g at first. However, if you feel like it’s too little, you could amp the dosage, whether you want to smoke two 0.5g jays or smoke a full gram at once.

Stress and anxiety can also impair your sleep, so we’d also consider smoking at night to focus that relaxed feeling towards dozing off. This is important as some people might feel energized with a small dose of CBD, but others could feel drowsy if they’ve consumed more than a full gram at a time.

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How Long Does It Take for CBD Flowers to Work?

One of the perks of smoking flowers versus other methods is that the onset usually happens immediately. Some users might take a little longer, but no more than 15 minutes after having a few tokes. It is also advised that if you plan on taking or smoking a full joint or preroll, you can always put it off between tokes.

The effects of CBD, when smoked, will last anywhere between 2 and up to 4 hours, depending on your metabolism and how it processes this cannabinoid. If you plan on using this compound for stress and mild anxiety, it has the potential to have an onset long enough for you to unwind and focus on your daily tasks.

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What Does Smoking CBD Flowers Feel Like?

Now, we know that CBD is non-intoxicating, so how does it feel to smoke hemp flowers? This is interesting, as the smoking experience itself is very similar to smoking regular cannabis. You’ll get all the taste and mouth feels from smoking buds, with a clearer head.

In particular, users have confirmed feeling their body unwind and generally relaxation feeling. Depending on the dosage, you might even get a mood lift or a slightly happy feeling. Others have reported getting creative thoughts and a boost of energy, while larger doses or indica-strain can help you get your whole body in a zen-like state.

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Which CBD Flower Works Best for Anxiety: Indica or Sativa?

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In general, indica flowers can work best for people with anxiety. This is because indica-leaning strains can have stronger relaxing effects and are often associated with de-compression, aiding sleep, and even helping with muscle pain.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are usually better and provide creative thoughts, feel energized, or get a general mood boost. The mood boost could be beneficial, but sometimes the energy rush could make people feel stressed even worse.

So, generally speaking, indica strains might be better if you want to unwind or get your mind off stressful situations. But let’s talk further in-depth about why indica CBD flower could work better.

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Why Indica CBD Flower Works Best for Anxiety and Depression

Indica CBD flowers are often associated with strong relaxation effects and a general zen-like state. This is also thanks to the terpene combination of these types of strains and how they generally lean towards calming the mind and body.

That said, defining the calming properties of indica strains is not as black and white as only “sativa equals energy while indica equals rest.” You’ll often see that indica and indica-leaning hybrid flowers will have higher amounts of CBD levels.

This, with the mix of terpenes like Myrcene or Linalool, can often induce a stronger onset than varieties that have other types of terpenes, such as Limonene. The mix of terpenes, CBD content, and lineage are basically why an indica CBD flower might work best, as it can help with relaxation much easier than sativa strains.

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Is CBD Flower Safe?

Yes, CBD flower is generally considered safe, but there are a few things to look out for when buying this type of flower. This is especially important if you are looking for buds to aid with your wellness goals, like the best CBD flower for anxiety.

Firstly, always buy from reputable dispensaries. You can check these by looking at their website to see if they have reviews and how streamlined their checking-out process is.

Secondly, look for third-party lab results. This is essential, as it can give you an idea if the dispensary cares about the CBD content, and you can ensure that the flower you are buying is compliant with both federal and state limits.

Lastly, try buying small quantities of bud or pre rolls first. Even if the dispensary or store passes the first two, if you are curious about the smoking experience, you can always start with small doses to understand how your body reacts to CBD. Using small, buildable doses at first ensures you can control the experience in the best possible way and make sure the strain, flower, and brand are best for you.

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Our Picks for Best CBD Flower for Anxiety and Depression

Now that we’ve talked about CBD flowers and how they can help, let’s get to some of our favorite strains from some of the best dispensaries out there. In this list, you’ll find not only our top picks for the best CBD flower for anxiety and depression but also some of the best-tasting flavor profiles. Let’s take a look.

Blueberry Kush by Botany Farms

Meet one of the most tasty and relaxing flowers on the list, Blueberry Kush. This strain by the folks at Botany Farms has tons of delicious berry notes with an incredibly fruity and kushy aftertaste. This strain has delicious grape and pine notes, too, with a total of 16.7% of cannabinoid levels.

The bud itself has tons of frosty white trichomes with some bright orange hairs. You can get these blueberry nugs from a single gram, 3.5g, and up to 7g. You can also try it in their delicious pre-rolls with half a gram of delicious bud each.

Secret OG by Secret Nature CBD

Meet the only secret you’ll want to share with everyone, the Secret OG. Made with the artisan touch of the Secret Nature CBD dispensary, this strain has strong indica-leaning effects that can help with relaxation. As one of the prettiest buds on this list, this bud has lots of silver and green colors with purple hairs and streaks here and there.

This flower has lots of diesel notes paired with lemon notes, earthy notes, and lots of mint-like aftertastes. All of their buds are organic, cold-cured, and third-party lab tested for purity, with no pesticides or additives.

Godfather OG by Botany Farms

Here’s a strain you won’t be able to refuse. Meet the don of CBD strains, Godfather OG. Don’t let its flashy name distract you, this bud is a true indica that can help you unwind with incredible pine, berry, and spice notes.

This flower has lots of class as well, with its pretty dark purple and orange hairs covering these nugs. Each of these strains has 17.2% of total cannabinoid levels, perfect for easing down your nerves and chilling out. You can also try this tasty strain in its preroll form with two 0.5g of the bud, ready to be smoked anywhere.

Sweet Cake by Secret Nature CBD

Sometimes a sweet treat is all you need, and the Sweet Cake strain by Secret Nature CBD is perfect for indulging with some tasty smokes. This potent indica is perfect if you want a strong relaxation effect with a tasty raspberry cheesecake taste.

The Sweet Cake strain is perfect for users that need a craving for their sweet tooth. Cold curated from 100% organic hemp, this bud is perfect if you want something to unwind after a stressful or rainy day.

Cherry Cough by Secret Nature CBD

Lastly, the Cherry Cough strain is perfect for all the cherry soda fans, just in hemp flower form. This bud by the folks at Secret Nature CBD has one of the most unique taste profiles on the list, with unique and pungent aromas of cherry syrup, cola soda, and even diesel-like notes.

Users usually report feeling heavily relaxed after a few tokes of this strain, especially when used at night. If stress or anxiety starts hitting you up right before bed, you’ll feel ready to doze off after trying this delicious bud.

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Final Thoughts on Using CBD Flower for Anxiety and Depression

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Last update was on: September 20, 2023 7:58 pm

Stress, anxiety, and depression can take a toll on your quality of life, which is why more and more people have started looking at CBD as a natural alternative to other compounds like Nicotine. In this small guide, we touched on how Cannabidiol can help with certain symptoms of these diagnoses by aiding in regulating the ECS.

Throughout this article, we’ve shown you our top choice for the best CBD flower for anxiety and depression, too, with tasty strains like Cherry Cough or the don of all hemp flower, the Godfather OG strain.

Remember only to buy CBD flowers from reputable vendors and always check their third-party lab testing to ensure that you are getting quality flowers. And if you are new to the hemp world, starting by buying pre rolls of your preferred flower might be the way to go.

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