Magical Butter Machine Review

If you are just sick and tired of spending the big bucks on readymade hemp and cannabis oil butter, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are here to take a much closer look at a simple yet effective machine that allows you to create your own cannabis and hemp-infused butter and oils. The product that we are referring to is the Magical Butter Machine.

It’s no secret that buying these products can be pricey, so many people choose to make them at home. That said, if you don’t have something like the Magical Butter Machine, then this process is very difficult, messy, and time-consuming. Making butter or oil at home makes a massive mess, it stinks, and most people would agree that it’s just not worth it.

However, something like the Magical Butter Machine makes the process of making your own cannabutter or cannaoil much faster, easier, and cleaner too. You more or less pour the ingredients into the unit, and it does the rest for you. This is our Magical Butter Machine review, and we’re here to see if it’s the right kind of product for you.

What is a Magical Butter Machine?

The Magical Butter Machine is a special device used to make cannabis infused oils and butters. Instead of having to decarb your weed, mix it with an oil or butter, stir and simmer for hours, then filter it, the Magical Butter Machine does everything for you.

It’s an all-in-one cannabutter and cannaoil making powerhouse that eliminates the hard work and mess from the equation. It’s essentially an immersion blender, grinder, a programmable thermostat and heater, and mixer, all rolled into one neat package.

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What Does the Magical Butter Machine Make?

As we’ve mentioned, the Magical Butter Machine is designed to make different cannabis oils and butter. These are oils and butter that you can then use to make your own edibles and use in your recipes.

That oil can also be used to make edible gummies and hard candies. You can use cannabutter in all of your baking endeavors to make cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and everything in between. Heck, some people just spread it right onto their morning toast!

The machine comes with its own recipe book, so you can make a few different kinds of cannabis-infused oils and butter. On a side note, here’s an easy recipe for infused coconut oil that you might like to try.

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How Does the Magical Butter Machine Work?

The Magical Butter Machine has a very large heating chamber and mixing chamber that you place all of the ingredients in.

This includes your oil or butter of choice, the cannabis or herb of choice, your terpenes and flavonoids, and anything else you desire. You don’t even have to grind the herb because it does that for you.

The Magical Butter Machine then uses special heating elements to heat this mixture up to the point where it is hot enough to decarboxylate the flower but not so hot that it kills the cannabinoids. It uses a thermostat to measure and maintain the appropriate temperature for this process.

It then includes a timer to keep track of exactly how long the process goes on, and when it’s done, it will shut off on its own. It really doesn’t get much easier than that, especially because there’s no work involved for you.

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Magical Butter Machine Review

Magical Butter Machine

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Now that we know what the Magical Butter Machine is all about, let’s do a more in-depth review of it to figure out whether or not it’s the right kind of product for you.

About the Brand

Magical Butter is a brand focused on one single thing, creating products that you can use to make your own cannabis-infused butter and oils. They produce very high-quality products designed for this end.


We think that the overall design of this unit is quite convenient. It comes in at just 14 inches tall and weighs well under a pound. This means that it is small and compact enough to fit into any kitchen cupboard or drawer easily. It’s also lightweight enough to be considered portable if needed.

People should also appreciate how it has a very wide base, which keeps it from tipping over when in use.

We also like the overall appearance of it, as it features a stainless steel exterior combined with black plastic. It’s quite aesthetically appealing, and it really looks no different than any other basic kitchen appliance. If you just took a quick look at it, you might mistake it for something like a kettle used to boil water.

Features & Benefits

The Magical Butter Machine has quite a few notable features and benefits, so let’s take a quick look at these right now.

  •       This is an all-in-one unit. It stirs, decarboxylates, and more. It does literally everything required to turn raw cannabis and oil or butter into the cannabis-infused final product. You literally just have to put the ingredients into the chamber, select the appropriate setting, and you’re good to go. On a side note, it even grinds your herbal extracts for you, so you don’t have to grind them down into small buds first.
  •       The Magical Butter Machine has enough space to make anywhere between two and five cups of your favorite cannabis butter or oil in every single cycle. In case you don’t know, five cups is a whole lot, and that should last you for weeks or even months to come. The capacity here is quite impressive.
  •       There are a variety of controlled program sequences included here, but you can easily choose using the included control panel and display on top of the unit. It even comes with a recipe book that you can use to make a wide variety of infused oils, butter, and other infused edibles.
  •       On that note, the Magical Butter Machine does also allow for precise temperature control if needed. However, you really shouldn’t have to control the temperature at all. Each of the settings features the right temperature, time, and process to make the infused oil or butter of choice.
  •       You may also like how the Magical Butter Machine is technically self-cleaning. It comes with a self-cleaning mode, which helps make your life a lot easier. Essentially, you just put some water in it, turn the self-cleaning mode on, and it will stir and wipe itself clean.
  •       Something else you might appreciate about this Magical Butter Machine is that the lid seals are very tight. This helps to ensure that it does not open up during use. It also helps prevent smells and liquids from making a mess in your kitchen.
  •       Your purchase also comes complete with a purity Micron filter 190. This is a special type of filter designed to allow you to filter out all of the plant matter from the final product. Filtering out the plant matter is the one thing that this unit does not do for you.

Ease of Use

Of course, the Magical Butter Machine is exceedingly simple to use. You literally just pour the ingredients inside of it, screw the lid shut, choose the appropriate setting, and wait for it to finish. It even turns off on its own afterward. It could not possibly get any easier than that.


The vast majority of the Magical Butter Machine is made out of stainless steel, particularly the exterior. The interior is also made out of high-quality stainless steel. It’s a durable material that is bent and scratch resistant, plus it shouldn’t corrode either.

It’s also perfectly heat resistant, therefore making it more than ideal for this purpose. The rest of the unit is made out of very high-quality plastic, but we don’t think that’s anything to complain about.

MB2e Magical Butter Machine

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  •       Super fast and easy to use
  •       Easy to clean
  •       High capacity
  •       Many preset programs to choose from
  •       Temperature control
  •       Looks nice
  •       Not overly expensive
  •       Micron filter included


  •       Result depends on the ratio of ingredients added
  •       Requires you to make a larger amount than you might need
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How to Clean the Magical Butter Machine

What’s really cool about this product is that it comes with a self-cleaning mode to help make your life easier. To clean the Magical Butter Machine, just fill it about halfway with some warm water and then add a little bit of dish soap.

You can then put the lid on, plug the unit in, and press the button that says clean on it. It should then clean itself. After that’s done, you can then unplug it, pour out the water and soap mixture, rinse out the pitcher, and wipe it down.

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Does the Magic Butter Machine Decarb Weed?

Yes, the beauty of the Magical Butter Machine is that it decarboxylates the weed on its own. The heating element creates a temperature hot enough to decarboxylate your cannabis without killing the THC. This decarboxylation process is included in all of the settings on the menu.

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Does the Magic Butter Machine Turn Off By Itself?

Yes, when the process is done, according to the setting that you have chosen, the machine will turn off on its own.

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Magic Butter Machine Reviews: What People Are Saying

People really seem to love this awesome device. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of tech that caters to the requirement of a very specific group of people that are fond of edibles but might not like the time it takes to create DIY homemade oils and butter.

Overall, people really seem to like the Magical Butter Machine. The only downside that people note across the board is that it has a high minimum. You need to use something like 2 cups of oil or butter, along with around an ounce of flower, which produces quite a bit of product.

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The Magical Butter Machine Overall Impressions

Our overall impressions of the Magical Butter Machine are very good. For a relatively low price, you get a device that allows you to make all sorts of awesome legal herbs and cannabis-infused butter and oils, all without any of the hard work or mess involved.

Just pop all of the ingredients into the chamber, choose the appropriate setting, and let the machine do the rest of the work for you. It’s something that can make life a whole lot easier. The only downside is that you need to make a whole lot at once, but that’s not a deal breaker as far as we are concerned.

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Where Can I Buy a Magical Butter Machine?

If you want to buy the Magical Butter Machine, both Dankstop and Smoke Cartel have it available for purchase at this time.

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