Best THCP Gummies

If you are looking to explore a variety of cannabinoids, THCP is the next one that should be on your list. THCP is a relatively new cannabinoid but has already made a huge impact in the cannabis world. The reason for this is due to its great potency and potential medical benefits. In fact, THCP is by far one of the most potent cannabinoids around.

Finding this cannabinoid in regular cannabis flowers can be really difficult as it is quite rare and doesn’t occur in high quantities. Therefore, it is usually synthesized in a laboratory and made into things such as edibles, which is exactly what we are here to look at today.

Today, we want to take a look at the five best THCP gummies and edibles on the market. However, before we do that, we do want to take a closer look at what exactly THCP is. Let’s figure out what THCP makes you feel like, what its potential medical benefits are, its pros and cons, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • THCP may be up to 30 times as potent as THC (Delta-9).
  • It may have various medical benefits, including pain and inflammation relief, nausea relief, and the relief of anxious thoughts.
  • It only takes a small amount of THCP to get you high.
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A Quick Look at the Best THCP Gummies

Here’s a quick look at the top 5 best THC-P Gummies on the market.

  1.     Galaxy Treats Blue Lifter Gummies: Best THCP Gummies – Editor’s Choice
  2.     ELYXR Live Resin Blend Galactic Gummies: Strongest THC-P Gummies
  3.     Binoid THCP Pineapple Candy: Best Tropical Flavor THCP Gummies
  4.   Medusa Knockout Blend: Best Blend THCP Gummies
  5.   Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend 50mg D8 + THCP Gummies: Best Delta-8 + THCP Gummies
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Potential Benefits of THCP Gummies

THCP gummies and the THCP cannabinoid, in general, do have many potential benefits, so let’s take a quick look. First and foremost, this cannabinoid is considered to be nearly 30 times as strong as regular Delta-9 THC.

This means that it does have extremely intoxicating effects. For anybody who wants a cost-effective high, THCP is a great option. It doesn’t take a lot to get you high, so you can end up saving a good deal of money.

Other than that, THCP does appear to have a variety of potential medical benefits. It interacts with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system in much the same way as regular Delta-9 THC.

Furthermore, the potential effects and medical benefits are extremely similar, if not the same. However, these benefits and effects appear to be greatly amplified due to the much stronger potency of THCP.

Just some of the potential medical benefits here include THCP acting as an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic pain reliever, an appetite stimulant, a stress and anxiety reliever, as a treatment for insomnia, and as an anti-nausea agent.

A1 Hemp Supply Co. Melonberry OG THCP Gummies

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Pros & Cons of THCP Gummies

As is the case with most cannabinoids, there are both pros and cons to THCP. There are, of course, also pros and cons to taking edibles, as opposed to other consumption methods.


  •       THCP is very strong and therefore can get you extremely high, plus it is cost-effective too.
  •       When compared to other cannabinoids, the potential medical benefits of THCP seem to be much greater due to its potency and the way it functions with your endocannabinoid system.
  •       THCP appears to be quite energetic and stimulating in nature. It’s not something that is going to make you feel overly drowsy or put you to sleep. It can actually make you feel quite creative, energetic, and stimulated.
  •       If we are talking about edibles, they don’t affect your respiratory tract or have negative health effects on your lungs. You also tend to get more bang for your buck because cannabinoids that are processed by your liver due to oral ingestion end up being much stronger than cannabinoids being inhaled. Simply put, when you eat edibles, they hit harder, and they last for longer.
  •       Another benefit of edible gummies is that you know exactly how much THCP is present. All products are accurately dosed, so you know how much THCP you are consuming.


  •       Because THCP is so potent, it may have fairly severe negative side effects. Here, we are talking mainly about anxiety and paranoia. Many people report feeling a bit paranoid and anxious, especially after consuming large quantities of THCP.
  •       THCP is extremely intoxicating and psychoactive. It’s not something you want to take at the beginning of the day because you’re probably not really going to be able to function anymore.
  •       Due to how potent THCP is, and because when cannabinoids are consumed orally they last for so long, you will probably end up feeling this high the next morning. Don’t be surprised if you still feel groggy when you wake up.
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How do THCP Gummies Make You Feel?

Galaxy Treats 2500MG D8 D9 THCP Gummies (3 Flavors)

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In terms of how THCP gummies make you feel, remember that they are extremely potent. Once again. THCP may be up to 30 times as potent as Delta-9 THC. Therefore, the psychoactive and intoxicating effects of it are quite extreme. It will certainly impair both your motor skills and your cognitive abilities to a great degree.

Now, in terms of exactly how THCP makes you feel, it is generally said to be more like a sativa. People report feeling extremely stimulated, creative, energetic, talkative, giggly, and more. People also report feeling extreme elation, euphoria, and happiness, as well as stress and anxiety relief.

However, if you consume a great deal of THCP, it may cause you to become very hungry and to suffer from couch lock.

It appears that lower doses of THCP are extremely stimulating and energizing, whereas extremely high doses are more sedative in nature. It does also depend on the exact person in question. However, the one thing you can rest assured about is that THCP will make you feel extremely intoxicated. It’s going to make you feel like you’re floating in a cloud.

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Best THCP Gummies

Now that you know the basics of the THCP cannabinoid, let’s take a closer look at the very best THCP gummies and edibles that the market has to offer.

1. Galaxy Treats Blue Lifter Gummies: Best THCP Gummies – Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for some really strong gummies, these are a good option to consider. The Galaxy Treats Blue Lifter Gummies come with 20 pieces per package, each with 125 milligrams of cannabinoids, for a total of 2500 milligrams of cannabinoids per package.

What you get here is a mixture of THCP, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC. This combination of cannabinoids should have a myriad of effects and will definitely leave you feeling quite intoxicated. Pain relief, stress relief, and general relaxation are just some of the effects you might feel here.

This product is made with hemp-derived cannabinoids and has been third-party tested, so you know that it’s totally legal and safe. Let’s not forget that they have a pretty enjoyable blue punch flavor as well.

2. ELYXR Live Resin Blend Galactic Gummies: Strongest THC-P Gummies

These Live Resin Blend Galactic Gummies are also quite strong. Here, you get 20 pieces, each with 50 milligrams of cannabinoids, for a total of 1000 milligrams per package. These gummies contain a myriad of cannabinoids, including THCP, HHCP, HHC, Delta-9 THC, and HHCO.

These gummies should definitely help you feel much calmer, more relaxed, and they also have a variety of potential medical benefits.

Yes, this product has been third-party tested to ensure that it falls within all legal limits as set out by the United States government, and it doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful components either. All of the ingredients used here are natural and safe. Most people also say that these gummies actually taste pretty good too.

3. Binoid THCP Pineapple Candy: Best Tropical Flavor THCP Gummies

If you are looking for some super tasty edibles and you love the flavor of pineapple, then these edibles might be right for you. These particular edibles come complete with both THCP and HHC. Together, they should have a plethora of potential medical benefits, and yes, these gummies are quite intoxicating too.

Here, you get a total of 50 pieces per package, each of which contains 30 milligrams of both cannabinoids, for a total of 1500 milligrams per bottle. These gummies should produce quite an intense high, both physically and mentally, and they should help to relax you too.

Furthermore, this product has been independently tested to ensure that it falls within all legal limits as set out by the United States government. It also doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or components, such as pesticides. Yes, this product is made in the USA.

4. Medusa Knockout Blend: Best Blend THCP Gummies

If you need some help getting a good night’s sleep, then this Medusa knockout blend might be right for you. It comes complete with a combination of THCO, THCP, and Delta-8 live resin. This should help to relieve some pain, anxiety, and stress and should help give you a good night’s sleep.

What’s also cool is that these gummies come in a wide variety of flavors, including berry bite, lemon-lime, mamba melon, sour blue, purple grape, tropical fusion, and more. As far as the flavors are concerned, these might just be some of the best-tasting edibles around.

You can also get a package with assorted flavors. Keep in mind that each gummy comes complete with a whopping 100 milligrams of cannabinoids. Each package contains a whopping 2000 milligrams.

5. Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend 50mg D8 + THCP Gummies: Best Delta-8 + THCP Gummies

Right off the bat, something we really like here is that these particular gummies come in a variety of flavors. These include blueberry, mango, sour green apple, sour orange, strawberry, watermelon lemonade, and more. They are, by far, some of the best-tasting THCP gummies out there.

Something else you might appreciate is how these gummies come up loaded to the brim with two different cannabinoids, THCP, and Delta-8 THC.

This combination of cannabinoids should absolutely produce quite an intoxicating and relaxing high. Keep in mind that they are fairly potent, as they contain 25 milligrams of both cannabinoids per gummy or a total of 50 milligrams of cannabinoids per gummy. Each bag contains five pieces, for a total of 250 milligrams.

You might also appreciate these gummies have been lab tested by a third party to ensure that they are potent, pure, and safe. This testing also helps to ensure that they do not contain illegal levels of Delta-9 THC, so you don’t have to worry about that either. All products from this brand also come in discreet packaging, so nobody will know what you’ve ordered.

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How We Made Our Top Choices for the Best THCP Gummies

Galaxy Treats 2500MG D8 D9 THCP Gummies (3 Flavors)

$34.99  in stock
as of May 30, 2023 2:38 am

There are a few important things that we always keep in mind when choosing any sort of edibles, whether THCP gummies or otherwise, so let’s take a quick look. Here are the questions we ask ourselves when choosing these sorts of products.

  •       How strong is the edible in question? How much THCP is present?
  •       Are there other cannabinoids present in the edible, or is it just THCP?
  •       Has the product in question been third-party tested to ensure that it is both legal and safe?
  •       What is the quality of the ingredients like? Is it made out of CBD that is derived from raw and organic hemp?
  •       What is the reputation of the company like? Do people generally have good things to say about the brand?
  •       What about the product itself? Does it have positive reviews?
  •       Do people generally like the flavor of the THC gummies in question?
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Best THCP Gummies: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we call it a day, let’s quickly answer some of your most pressing questions about THCP gummies.

What Are THCP Gummies?

THCP gummies are edibles or gummies that are infused with the THCP cannabinoid, which is extremely potent.

How Much THCP Gummies Should I Take?

Because this cannabinoid is so potent, it is recommended that you start with just 5 milligrams. If you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, you may start with 10 milligrams.

What is the Duration of THCP Gummies?

Because THCP gummies are so potent and because cannabinoids last longer when ingested orally, you can expect the effects to last for anywhere between 5 and 10 hours, with residual effects lasting for another several hours.

Is THCP the Strongest Cannabinoid?

According to most current medical knowledge, THCP does appear to be the strongest cannabinoid known to man at this time.

Is THCP Sativa or Indica?

We would say that THCP is more like a sativa, especially when taken in lower doses. It is said to be quite energizing and stimulating. However, when taken in higher doses, it can be so intoxicating that it may act more like an indica.

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Conclusions & Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are plenty of great THCP gummies out there. Just remember that this is a very potent cannabinoid that will intoxicate you to a great degree. Although, it does also have many potential benefits.

Just keep in mind all of the main considerations when choosing a product that we mentioned above, and we definitely recommend taking a closer look at one of the five THCP gummies we recommended today.

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