Does CBD Help Dogs Sleep at Night

Do you constantly wake up in the middle of the night due to the pattering paws of your canine friend? Perhaps, your dog is in some pain and now has issues going to sleep at night. 

Whichever the case may be, it is understandable that you may turn to CBD to help your dog get some shut-eye at night, especially if it already works for you.

But, here’s the million-dollar question — does CBD help dogs go to sleep?

Well, one thing is sure. You’ve come to the right place for answers.

In the following paragraphs, we examine pet CBD and explore how it can help dogs with issues sleeping at night. We also share insight into several other benefits of CBD that pet owners can leverage.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD can help your dog go to sleep at night.
  • With pet CBD, you have to be even more careful with the dosage so that you don’t give your furry friends too much CBD.
  • Giving your dogs more CBD does not necessarily means they’ll go to sleep faster.

What is Pet CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis, and it binds itself with cannabinoid receptors in the body of humans and animals. In light of this, pet CBD refers to CBD products, in the form treats, oils, and more, that are produced for pets. 

In this past, only humans typically leverage the several benefits that consuming CBD offers. However, today, many pet owners, vet doctors, and researchers have recently begun to suggest that CBD may support pets in dealing with certain health conditions like anxiety. 

However, there is still not enough evidence to say for sure. Nevertheless, many pet owners already add CBD to their dog’s diet and wellness routine.

There are several recipes that can help you create your own CBD dogs treats.


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What are the Benefits of CBD for Dog Sleep?

CBD may be beneficial to a dog’s sleep in many different ways. Here are some key ways CBD may help your dog sleep better:

Helps Reduce Joint Pain

Generally, joint pains and discomforts do not pair nicely with a good night’s sleep. Therefore, if you dog is have issues with its joint, it’s a safe bet that it won’t be sleeping very well.

The good news is CBD might ease joint pain. Some research has shown that CBD can help alleviate and deal with inflammation in the joints. It does this by affecting the endocannabinoid receptors linked to the nervous system. Therefore, dogs with joint pain may find enough relief to sleep when they take CBD products, like CBD oil and treats. 

May Reduce Anxiety

Several studies have shown that CBD can help humans deal with anxiety. However, it may be the case that CBD has this effect on not just humans but animals as well. In fact, a study revealed that CBD helps reduce symptoms of anxiety, even in rats. 

Therefore, CBD may be very helpful in assisting dogs dealing with anxiety because of its effect on their endocannabinoid system. 

By supporting stress relief in dogs, CBD helps to improve the sleep quality of these pets because sleep is easier to achieve when the body is relaxed and at peace than when it is stressed and anxious. 

May Reduce Allergies

“My dog has allergies. Will CBD help my dog sleep?” This is another common question among pet owners with dogs that have allergies. Thankfully, CBD may indeed help dogs that deal with allergies sleep better because it supports relief from allergies in pets. 

This is particularly true when it comes to skin allergies because research has revealed that the endocannabinoid system present in the skin makes it such that CBD can stimulate the skin to help deal with different forms of skin allergies. 

As a result, when pet owners apply CBD oil to their dogs’ skin, the dogs typically experience a relief that can make it easier for them to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Helps With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS) can be painful and dangerous for any dog to experience. It is usually accompanied by chronic vomiting and pain, making it nearly impossible for any dog to sleep. 

However, CBD has some potential effects that can help because it affects the endocannabinoid system of dogs, which is involved in the functions of the digestive system and bowel. Therefore, by giving their dogs CBD, pet owners may be able to equip them to manage IBS effectively and consequently provide them with a chance to have a better sleep experience. 

May Help Manage Seizures 

Seizures and epilepsy are both painful to experience and watch, and they can effectively prevent your pet from experiencing quality sleep. However, CBD can support your pet to get better sleep despite seizures because CBD can be helpful in dealing with both the occurrences and severity of seizures. 

This was demonstrated in a study where 89% of the dogs that received CBD experienced a reduction in the number of seizures they typically would have. 

Another interesting thing about this is that these same studies reveal that CBD helps with seizures without side effects, which makes it better than most traditional anti-epileptic drugs that many times carry adverse side effects. 

It is important to note, however, that research is still ongoing on the full effects of CBD on dogs and their health. Therefore, it will be best to get the services of a vet to guide you in using CBD for your pets. 


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Will CBD Help My Dog Sleep?

Yes, CBD should help your dog sleep. 

However, you should note that CBD is not a sleeping pill that automatically puts an energetic dog to sleep. Instead, the way CBD works is that it helps to take care of some of the limitations to your dog having a good night’s rest. By doing this, your dog’s body is much more relaxed and able to go to sleep and stay asleep. 

In addition, just like in human beings, certain habits are essential to ensure your dog gets a good sleep. Without these habits, there is little CBD can do to improve your dog’s sleep.  

Some sleep habits that you should incorporate for your dog to help it sleep are:


  • Consistently give your dog a particular time to end all play and “go to bed.” Doing this helps build a habit of sleeping at a specific time in your pet.
  • Limit the amount of water your pet takes about 2 hours before sleep, except if it has a medical condition. 
  • Reduce the activity of your dogs just before bed, but ensure they get a lot of exercise during the day. 
  • Design an environment that supports restful sleep for your dogs. 


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What to Look for in Dog CBD for Sleep 

There are several products out there claiming to be CBD for dogs sleep, which can make choosing a product an overwhelming decision for any pet owner. However, here are some tips that can help you make the right choice on CBD for dogs to sleep:

Third-party Lab Testing

This is one of the things that a good brand should provide. Lab testing from a third party helps to prove that a product is safe and effectively made for your pet. Avoid any brand that cannot provide this.

The Reputation of a Product or Brand

Check the review on a brand and its products, and avoid products with poor reviews. Some of the best places to get the best products that people use include Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook groups. You can do searches like “dog CBD for sleep” and “CBD for dogs sleep.” 

The Cost of Products

CBD products come at different prices, but generally, avoid extremely cheap products. The truth is quality is usually not cheap, and if you find products way outside the typical ranges, avoid such products.

Look Out for “Zero THC”

THC is a cannabinoid that has intoxicating effects on the body, and while humans may be able to take it at certain levels, you should generally prevent your dog from consuming THC. CBD from hemp may indeed contain levels of THC that typically will not get anyone high, but zero CBD may be a better option for your pets. 


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How to Choose CBD for Puppies to Sleep

The same thing that applies to choosing the best CBD products for your adult dogs also applies to puppies. 

However, one thing you should look out for when getting CBD products for puppies is the dosage. Typically, when brands make CBD for puppies to sleep, they indicate the dosage that will be ideal, and this should be something you look out for. 

On the other hand, if you get regular dog CBD, ensure that you give your puppies far smaller doses than you will give a mature dog. 


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Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Yes, CBD is generally considered to be safe for your pets. 

Experts have conducted several studies with CBD and pets, with no adverse effects reported. Adding CBD to your older dog’s diet can help them live better with old age.

However, you should also note that too much of anything is not ideal, and CBD for your dogs is no different. 

Therefore, ensure that you regulate the doses of CBD that you give your dogs, especially puppies. Typically, when you purchase CBD for puppies, you will find recommendations on amounts, especially for treats. Ensure that you follow these dosage guides, and pay attention to how your dog reacts to the amounts you give it.


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Where to Buy Pet CBD for Sleep Online

Many pet owners are using CBD products to give their dogs relief from pain and better sleep. However, buying high-quality pet CBD products is the first step to securing these benefits for your furry friends too.

Check out our top picks for CBD to help your dogs rest:



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