What is Secret Sauce Strain

What is Secret Sauce Strain?

The Secret Sauce Strain is an Oregon CBD Seeds’ flagship strain. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross that not only works during daytime but also, at any other time.

This strain does not make you feel high or intoxicated. Unlike the ‘highness’ of traditional marijuana, this strain helps you experience a feeling of relaxation and calm due to its low THC levels.

Find out more in-depth information on the Secret Sauce strain in this article. You will come across the terpene profiles of the flower, description, genetics, and application.

Key Takeaways

  • Secret Sauce Strain is a hybrid strain (indica and sativa) with high CBD levels and low THC.
  • Secret Sauce Strain was bred through a technique that involves cross-breeding the original THC form with ERB.
  • The primary terpene form of the Secret Sauce Strain contains caryophillene, pinene, and myrcene.

What is the Secret Sauce Strain?

Secret Sauce Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain high in CBD and contains less than 0.3% THC. It consists of 50% indica and 50% sativa, with its CBD levels ranging from 18-20%.

It ranks among the hemp strains that have a cannabidiol concentration. Also, the flower of the Secret Sauce strain has a dense structure. It has several aromas like flowery, herbal, pine, sweet, and woody.

The Secret Sauce Strain promotes deep mental and physical relaxation. It is known to be an excellent mood booster, and it enhances cerebral stimulation and creativity.


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Secret Sauce Strain Appearance

Secret Sauce strain grows to produce forest green, heart-shaped flowers with several orange hairs. The buds of the Secret Sauce strain are noticeably smaller than that of other strains. It also has a coating of tiny purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Despite being tiny, the nugs are solid with a prominent covering of crystals. The Secret Sauce strain has a lot of hairs and trichomes that make the bud very sticky. If you try breaking it in your hand, it leaves behind fragrant resin and crystals.


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Secret Sauce Strain Genetics 

The roots of the Secret Sauce Strain are very high-yielding marijuana strains like many CBD hemp flower strains. Scientists bred the THC out of the parent strains and bred CBD in over time to develop new strains.

As a result of this technique, there are high-CBD buds that look, smell, and smoke like traditional THC cannabis. It contains a high CBD concentration and negligible levels of concentration of THC.

Secret Sauce was made by cross-breeding the original form which has a high concentration of THC with ERB (Early Resin Berry). The cross-breeding maintained the individual characteristics of both strains and their benefits.

THC/CBD Content

Secret Sauce Strain is popular among cannabis lovers for its high levels of CBD. It contains less than 0.3% THC (the intoxicating substance in in the cannabis plant that makes the user get high).The CBD to THC content ratio is 17:85% to 0.069%.


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Secret Sauce Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are natural aromatic chemical compounds. They contribute to the pleasant aroma of hemp and marijuana flower. In addition, they play a part in the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis plants.

Special Sauce CBD has a rich and unique terpene profile than other strains. It consists of caryophillene, pinene, and myrcene as the primary highlights of the profile.

Caryophillene gives a unique peppery note and a spice-like undertone and helps with pain relief and inflammation issues. Pinene makes the buds smell like fresh earth and aids in breathing, mental clarity, and calmness.

Myrcene, on the other hand, is the most common type of terpene found in both cannabis and hemp cultivars. It provides a ripe tropical fruit aroma and has solid sedative-like attributes that enhance relaxation and calm.

There is a significant presence of other terpenes which classify as secondary. They include limonene, humulene, and bisabolol. These terpenes play a crucial part in the effect, aroma, flavor, and overall character of the Special Sauce Strain.

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Secret Sauce Strain Effects

The effects of the Secret Sauce strain are pretty minimal. It soothes and relaxes your body, calming you from head to toe. Instead of leaving you flying high or drooping low, the Secret Sauce strain leaves you completely at ease.

Therefore, when your body is tired and your mind needs energy for a productive day at work, then consume some Special Sauce buds. You will achieve both productive and fruitful cognition, and your body will stay in a meditative state.

Uplifting your mood and better mental clarity are also some effects of the Special Sauce. After consumption, you are left feeling calm with lifted spirits and overall relaxation. It is perfect for a lazy evening.

The soothing effects of Special Sauce, with its high CBD levels, help improve conditions like chronic pain and inflammation.

The Secret Sauce Strain also has side effects like paranoia, dizziness, and headaches in some people. Despite its minimal effects, beginners and people with low tolerance should be careful.


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Secret Sauce Strain Reported Flavors

The top reported Secret Sauce Strain flavors are earth, wood, and citrus. Some people say that it tastes like berries, citrus, and pine. Others describe its flavor as a lightly sweet and woody flowery pine taste and an earthy herbal aroma.


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Secret Sauce Strain Growing Info

Special Sauce is a hemp cultivar that prefers growing indoors and in sheltered environments away from harsh weather and pests. It grows faster than other hemp strains since it takes 49 to 56 days to reach full maturity.

Since it is a very rare strain, Special Sauce seeds and clones are unavailable for purchase. It produces an average yield once it reaches maturity.


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Strains like the Secret Sauce Strain

The Secret Sauce Strain is a unique CBD strain that is a favorite among cannabis users. Other strains that may be an alternative to the Secret Sauce Strain include Elektra, Remedy, CBD Charlotte’s Angel, and Suver Haze.

These strains have similar terpenes and effects to the Secret Sauce Strain. You can purchase them online or at your local vendors.

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With its impressive genetics, the Special Sauce strain stands out in the market. Its effects may come a little slower than other strains. Apart from the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness that comes after consuming Special Sauce strain, you may also experience hunger.

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