Dosist Relief Pen Review

Dosist is a world-recognized brand that revolutionized the medicinal cannabis industry through the combination of highly relief-aimed cannabis strains with advanced scientific research and testing. They deliver award-winning dose controlled devices that are specifically designed for different purposes with a particular combination of cannabis-derived compounds and dosage for each one. Their products deliver benefits in areas such as sleep aid, pain release, energy enhancement, and relaxation. One of them is the Relief Pen. It offers a 2:1 TCH-CBD compound that’s designed to reduce and control mild and moderate aches and pains naturally, allowing its user to follow a regular routine without any sense of intoxication.

This CBD-rich formula delivers a soothing feeling with a very subtle high that is ideal for anyone who has trouble sleeping, as a post-workout treatment or to anyone who experiences regular pain. The Relief Pen, as well as other Dosist products, offers non-toxic pain relief and is specifically designed to deliver exactly the same dose every time, providing a therapeutic solution. Each of the 2.25 mg doses supplied by the Relief Pen takes three seconds to be delivered to the user when completed, the device will vibrate and automatically turn off.

All Dosist pens are available in two presentations: 50 and 200 doses. Both of them are built with high-quality materials and scientifically tested designs that deliver a completely safe medicinal effect. The design of the pen allows a controlled airflow inside the device that, combined with the custom-designed heater, prevents excessive heat that burns the cannabinoids, thus delivering a precise dose every time. The outer plastic shell prevents any leakage and is highly resistant to breakage. All Dosist pens are designed to be recycled and the company offers rewards to any user who does it.


  • 2:1 THC-CBD ratio.
  • Delivers a precise 2.25 mg dose every time.
  • Provides non-toxic relief for mild and moderate pain.
  • Controlled airflow and temperature in every dose.
  • Custom designed heater that prevents excessive heat.
  • A strong plastic shell that does not leak and resists breakage.
  • Possibility of recycling.

Check out this video on Dosist’s THC free product lineup:

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9.5 Total Score
Dosist Relief Pen

CBD-rich formula that delivers a soothing feeling with a subtle high

  • Provides a non-toxic relief for pain
  • Controlled airflow
  • Prevention against excessive heat
  • Durable
  • Can be recycled
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