Sasquash Rosin Press Review

Sasquash is undoubtedly the rosin press industry’s pioneering brand for hydraulic (and hybrid) rosin presses. This machine offers an incredible 15 tons of pressing power, and while this is a slightly more expensive options than other machines, the quality to output ratio of the rosin is worth it for true extract enthusiasts. Just how much can this machine press at once? A colossal 1 ounce of rosin may be extracted at a time.

While there are many different models of Sasquash presses, in the end, due to a number of key factors, we preferred the V2 above the company’s other presses due to the quality of rosin it produces, and its versatility.

The V2 can be powered by hand pump, foot pump, with an air compressor, or by an electric pump with full hands-free control. This means that when you are looking to improve performance and/or automate the process, you can start with hydraulic operation via hand pump and upgrade to pneumatic or electric operation in the future.

The major downside is that none of the pumps are supplied, so they would have to be ordered separately. The pumps made accessible by Sasquash range from $500 for the foot pump to $1800 for the electronic pump. That is a big extra expense. Plus, you’ll still need to buy an air compressor for the foot lever.

The Sasquash V2.0 has wide 8.5 by 5-inch solid aluminum tiles, which are easily heated by 4 heaters of 250 watts each to an acceptable temperature. At 135 pounds, it is a powerful press but remains relatively lightweight, measuring just 14 inches tall and 18 inches long and 8 inches deep.

Sasquash rosin presses receive a lifetime guarantee from the distributor. This warranty protects for 90 days the hydraulic and assembled lifetime sections and the electrical components.

Major features

  • Highly versatile rosin press: choose hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical operation.
  • Competitive warranty policy; limited lifetime warranty.
  • High material capacity processing, delivering up to about 1 ounce of rosin at a time. 
  • It has a compact size of 8 inches (length) x 18 inches (width) x 14 inches (height)


Sasquash rosin presses are renowned not only for consistency but also for longevity. Sure, you can buy a  China made press for much cheaper. But the difference in quality with an American made press like the Sasquash will be obvious to any rosin enthusiast. 

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9.3 Total Score
Versatile, professional quality rosin press

This highly versatile rosin press lets you toggle between hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical operation. The V2 can be powered by either a hand pump, foot pump, air compressor, or by an electric pump with full hands-free control.

  • Industry-leading hydraulic (and hybrid) rosin press.
  • 15 tons of pressing power
  • Industry-leading output to quality ratio.
  • A full ounce can be extracted at a time.
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