Strainz Restore Tincture Review 

Addi and Cassi, young twin girls, had been suffering from seizures that were distressing due to a rare and serious neurological disease. They needed a lab-tested and potent CBD product with predictable dosing to test effectiveness. The trouble was the product did not exist, so the family decided to explore the cannabis world by applying for cannabis industry licences and create their own CBD  Extractions.

Strainz has enormously grown since then, which allowed to serve more people and now they own CBD and THC facilities, which produce high-quality CBD extracts for other businesses and brands. Strainz offers Strainz Ratio TincturesTM and other premium CBD/THC cannabis products through state-licenses legal cannabis shops. Their products contain the greatest and most original plant strain and its formulations blend the medical values of extracted cannabinoids paired with other natural plant-based elements to create products you and your family can trust (and pets!).

About Strainz Tinctures

For consumers looking for high quality, potency, and purity, Strainz Ratio Tinctures™  are carefully formulated and scientifically certified, which can be something to take into account when choosing this brand. Each Strainz Ratio Tincture™  offers optimal efficiency and bioavailability, and blends different ratios of cannabidiol(CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), and other phytonutrients.

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Strainz Restore Tincture Review

Strainz Restore Tinctures come in two different aromas; natural and un flavoured. It all depends on you which one you choose.

Strainz Restore 20:1 PLUS+ Ratio™ Tincture Natural

Strainz Restore 20:1 PLUS+  is formulated at 4x the potency of one of  their most renowned ratio products and it is a concentrated ratio mix of Cannabidiol(CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) containing 200mg of CBD and 100mg of THC per bottle.

Strainz Restore 20:1 Ratio Tincture™

This tincture is an excellent mix that provides a healthy experience and incorporates high levels of CBD(500mg) and low levels of THC(25mg) to offer a perfect combination having almost no psychoactive effects.

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How to Take Strainz Tincture

Commonly known as “whole plant extracts,” tinctures are orally administered, making it easy to enter the bloodstream. By placing some drops of the tincture under the tongue, it can be quickly absorbed into the circulatory system and then transported to the brain to finally provoke the already known effects.

Can strainz ratio tincture be used in a vape?

To complement your active lifestyle, Strainz Ratio vape cartridges are charged with ratios of Cannabidiol(CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). It is manufactured with an advanced cartridge for anyone with exquisite tastes and wants to have a pure experience without using PG/Glycol/ VitE Acetate

Strainz Restore 20:1 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™
Ratio Vape Cartridges™ Strainz Restore 20:1 contain a high level of CBD and minimal  level of THC, which make this product a great mix providing almost no psychoactive effects, being a perfect choice for relaxing and medicating as well.

Strainz Balance 1:1 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™
The Strainz Balance 1:1 features equal amounts of CBD and THC(50/50), providing a properly balanced and stimulating experience.

Strainz Elevate 1:5 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™
Strainz Elevate 1:5 has a high  THC level and  a low CBD level, so this may be a suitable option for those who really want to obtain the therapeutic THC  benefits paired with the entourage effect provided by CBD. It produces psycho-active effects. 

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Strainz Ratio Tinctures Dosage

When consuming tinctures, it is important to take into account the dosage to have the expected effects:

20:1+ Restore plus
67mg CBD + 33mg THC
It is recommended to take 1ml dose

20:1 Restore
16.6mg CBD + 0.83mg THC
Recommended to take 1ml 

1:1 Balance
3.3mg CBD  3.3mg THC 
Recommended to take 1ml

1:5 Elevate
0.66mg CBD  3.3mg THC
Recommended to take 1ml

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All the products belonging to the Ratio line of Strainz such as Ratio Cartridges and Ratio tinctures are lab tested, which may create a clear advantage and recognition over the other competitors, meaning that customers can trust on the Strainz as a brand and buy the products they offer.

9.5 Total Score
A CBD company with a heart warming story!

Strainz offers Strainz Ratio TincturesTM and other premium CBD/THC cannabis products through state-licenses legal cannabis shops.

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