The 5 Best Cannabis Classes in Los Angeles 

Over the past few years, the world has experienced a notable shift in its perception of marijuana – transitioning it from a prohibited substance to a recognized natural remedy for different ailments. Additionally, it is now acknowledged as a catalyst for creativity, relaxation, and fostering social connections. This evolving acceptance and appreciation demonstrate the evolving understanding of the plant’s potential benefits in today’s society.

Los Angeles is leading the charge in embracing marijuana’s newfound prominence, offering top-class cannabis classes for those who want to learn and explore the exciting world of this versatile plant. With a bevy of unique courses, each designed to cater to different tastes and preferences, these classes have emerged as must-attend events for marijuana enthusiasts.

From exploring the science behind the plant to hands-on workshops that teach the art of cannabis-infused culinary creations, there is a class for everyone, regardless of prior experience or knowledge.

This article thoroughly examines the distinctive attributes of each class. By the end, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse experiences offered, empowering you to make an enlightened decision regarding the class that suits you best.

What is a Cannabis Class?

A cannabis class typically refers to a structured educational program or course that focuses on various aspects of cannabis, which can include cultivation, history, medicinal uses, legalization policies, business opportunities, and more. The extent and range of content may vary considerably, contingent upon the objective of the class. Some classes are designed for recreational users interested in learning more about cannabis, while others may be targeted toward prospective entrepreneurs or healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the areas that a cannabis class can help you with:

  • Understanding the Basics of Cannabis: This typically includes the plant’s history, types of cannabis, various strains and their effects, the differences between CBD and THC, how it’s used and consumed, and the basic laws surrounding its use.
  • Cultivation and Production: These classes often delve into the botanical side of cannabis, teaching about the plant’s life cycle and the basics of indoor and outdoor cultivation, harvesting, and processing.
  • Medicinal Uses: Certain classes are dedicated to exploring the medicinal applications of cannabis. These classes delve into its therapeutic properties, its interaction with the human body, potential side effects, and the current state of research in this field.
  • Policy and Legal Issues: These classes cater to individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework encompassing cannabis, covering local, state, and national laws. They may also discuss issues like social justice and equity in the cannabis industry.
  • Cannabis Business: Some classes cater to individuals keen on venturing into the burgeoning cannabis industry, whether as aspiring entrepreneurs or prospective employees. They may cover topics such as how to start a cannabis business, marketing and branding, managing a dispensary, and navigating the regulatory and financial challenges specific to this industry.
  • Cooking and Infusion: These classes are perfect for anyone interested in creating their own delightful cannabis-infused edibles. Learn the art of infusing cannabis into a variety of delectable food and beverage creations.
  • Advocacy and Activism: These classes emphasize the political and social dimensions of cannabis use, exploring subjects such as decriminalization, social equity, and effective advocacy for policy reform.

Enrolling in a cannabis class offers students more than just an expanded knowledge base on cannabis. It provides a platform for developing critical thinking skills regarding the societal impact of cannabis use and legalization, as well as practical expertise for personal or professional activities in the cannabis field.

Who Would Benefit From Taking A Cannabis Class?

A cannabis class offers valuable benefits to a wide range of individuals. From curious enthusiasts to medical professionals and entrepreneurs, there is something for everyone to gain from this educational experience. Here are a few categories:

1. Cannabis Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a recreational user or simply intrigued by cannabis, attending a cannabis class offers a treasure trove of knowledge. Discover the diverse array of strains and their effects, learn about proper usage and safety protocols, and delve deeper into the world of cannabis. Enhance your understanding and appreciation of this fascinating plant through this enriching experience.

2. Medical Professionals

For healthcare professionals, a cannabis class can be immensely valuable. As medical marijuana gains wider acceptance and prescription, it is crucial for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to comprehend the potential benefits of THC and other cannabinoids, as well as the side effects and contraindications of cannabis. Armed with this knowledge, you can deliver the highest level of care and offer informed advice to your patients.

3. Prospective Entrepreneurs and Employees

The cannabis industry is experiencing remarkable growth, making it one of the most rapidly expanding sectors globally. If you’re considering embarking on a cannabis business venture or seeking employment within the industry, enrolling in a cannabis class can provide you with a competitive advantage. These classes equip you with comprehensive knowledge about the legal and regulatory landscape, the fundamental principles of starting and managing a cannabis business, and invaluable industry insights that are crucial for success.

4. Policy Makers and Advocates

Education is of paramount importance for individuals engaged in cannabis policy-making or advocacy. Whether you hold the role of legislator, lobbyist, community organizer, or concerned citizen, participating in a cannabis class can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate facets surrounding cannabis legalization, regulation, and social equity.

5. Culinary Enthusiasts

For culinary enthusiasts who are interested in the art of cooking with cannabis, specialized classes can provide knowledge on how to infuse cannabis into a variety of dishes properly. This can include understanding dosages, selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with a meal, and ensuring safety in the kitchen.

6. Patients and Caregivers

For those using cannabis for medicinal purposes and their caregivers, understanding cannabis can lead to more informed decisions about treatment. Courses focusing on the medicinal aspects of cannabis can explain how different strains, dosages, and forms (e.g., edibles, oils, smokables) can impact a user’s health.

Best Cannabis Classes in Los Angeles

1. Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is a comprehensive online cannabis education platform that provides a range of courses to students worldwide. Established in 2009, CTU stands out as a trailblazing institution in cannabis education. With an unwavering commitment to making cannabis education accessible and affordable, CTU aims to provide comprehensive learning opportunities to students worldwide.

CTU offers an all-inclusive curriculum that covers a variety of topics, such as the different types of marijuana, cannabis cultivation, medical marijuana, cannabis law, cannabis careers, cooking with cannabis, and more. CTU boasts some of the industry’s top experts as instructors, imparting knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in the real world.

About Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University prides itself on offering high-quality, self-paced online courses. This means that students can learn at their own convenience, anytime and anywhere. CTU strives to empower students by cultivating a profound comprehension of cannabis. Whether one seeks a rewarding career in the flourishing cannabis industry or simply desires to enrich their knowledge about this remarkable plant, CTU is dedicated to facilitating a transformative educational experience.

Their courses are designed to be comprehensive yet accessible to individuals at all knowledge levels, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to learn about cannabis.

What Students Have To Say About Cannabis Training University

Student feedback about Cannabis Training University is generally positive. Many students appreciate the breadth and depth of the curriculum, noting that it covers the essentials and more. The self-paced nature of the courses is often highlighted as a major plus, allowing students to balance their learning with other life commitments.

The practical, real-world advice from experienced industry professionals is also frequently praised. Some students have credited CTU with helping them secure jobs in the cannabis industry or with giving them the knowledge to start their own cannabis ventures. However, like any educational institution, it’s always a good idea to read various reviews and ensure the program fits your individual learning style and goals.

2. Oaksterdam University

Established in 2007, Oaksterdam University, situated in Oakland, California, stands as one of the pioneering cannabis colleges in the United States. Embracing a mission to deliver top-tier training and education in the cannabis industry, Oaksterdam University provides an array of comprehensive courses encompassing horticulture, cannabis business, patient relations, advocacy, history, and more. Students can choose between on-site and online classes, ensuring flexibility for aspiring learners worldwide. Over 80,000 students have graduated from Oaksterdam University, which speaks to its reputation and reach.

About Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University combines academic learning with practical training, providing its students with a holistic understanding of cannabis and its related industries. The faculty at Oaksterdam comprises experienced professionals from various sectors of the cannabis industry, enabling students to gain insights directly from those in the field. The university also maintains a strong focus on policy and reform, encouraging students to become educated advocates for cannabis legislation and social equity.

What Students Have To Say About Oaksterdam University

Students of Oaksterdam University commonly express satisfaction with the practical, hands-on approach to learning. The range of courses, covering not just the business and cultivation aspects of cannabis but also the legal, historical, and advocacy-related topics, is frequently appreciated. Graduates often cite the networking opportunities provided by Oaksterdam as a significant benefit, helping them make connections within the industry.

Critiques, where they exist, typically revolve around the desire for even more detailed or specialized coursework. Overall, the university is seen as a reliable and comprehensive source of cannabis education.

3. Cannabis Career Institute

Established in 2009, the Cannabis Career Institute (CCI) has earned a significant reputation for its dedication to empowering professionals in the cannabis industry. With a wide range of online seminars and courses available nationwide, their focus is equipping students with the necessary skills to thrive in their very own cannabis ventures.

CCI covers a range of topics, such as cannabis cultivation, edibles business, delivery service operations, and dispensary management. CCI’s courses are designed to be practical and intensive, often completed in a single day, to deliver concentrated, actionable information to its students.

About Cannabis Career Institute

Cannabis Career Institute is known for its unique, seminar-style approach to cannabis education. Instead of traditional academic programs, CCI hosts intensive one-day lessons that dive deep into specific topics of the cannabis industry. Each session is taught by industry professionals who share their expertise and personal experiences to provide a real-world context to the lessons.

The lessons are structured to be interactive, with opportunities for students to ask questions and engage directly with instructors and fellow students.

What Students Have To Say About Cannabis Career Institute

Many students praise the Cannabis Career Institute for its direct, practical approach to cannabis education. They appreciate the in-depth, single-day seminars, noting that they pack a lot of valuable information into a short timeframe. This format is often cited as being very conducive to those who want to gain industry insights without a lengthy commitment quickly.

The instructors, who are experienced industry professionals, receive high marks for their knowledge and willingness to answer questions. Some students also note that the networking opportunities provided by the seminars have been beneficial in launching their cannabis careers. However, potential students should be aware that CCI’s approach is different from traditional education providers, and it’s essential to ensure this format fits their learning style and needs.

4. Long Beach City College

Located in Long Beach, California, Long Beach City College (LBCC) has been serving the community since 1927. As a distinguished public institution, LBCC offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students, empowering them to achieve their academic and professional goals. Although it is not exclusively focused on cannabis education, the college has embraced the changing landscape of the cannabis industry by offering a Cannabis Studies program.

This initiative is part of the LBCC Social Science Associates Degree and Certificate of Achievement programs. It’s important to note that this program aims to educate students about the historical, legal, political, and social impacts and implications of cannabis.

About Long Beach City College

The Cannabis Studies program at LBCC offers interdisciplinary courses intended to explore the multi-faceted impacts of cannabis on society. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of cannabis, examining it from various perspectives such as historical, legal, health benefits, economic, and societal. This makes LBCC’s approach to cannabis education notably comprehensive, addressing the complexity of the cannabis issue beyond its medical or commercial facets.

What Students Have To Say About Long Beach City College

LBCC, in general, enjoys a positive reputation among its students for providing quality education across various disciplines. The Cannabis Studies program, in particular, is appreciated for its comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach. Students praise the program for offering a balanced perspective, discussing both the positive and negative aspects of cannabis.

The curriculum is noted for its focus on critical thinking and encourages students to explore and debate various aspects of cannabis legalization, usage, and its impact on society. As this is a relatively new program, prospective students are encouraged to research and ensure it aligns with their educational goals and career plans.

5. University of California Riverside

UC Riverside (UCR) is a distinguished public research university situated in the beautiful city of Riverside, California. It proudly belongs to the prestigious University of California system, known for its excellence in education and groundbreaking research. While UCR offers a diverse range of academic programs, it’s particularly notable for its online Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate. This program is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the cannabis industry’s legal and policy considerations as well as cannabis production, management, and cultivation.

About the University of California Riverside

UCR’s Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate focuses on the regulatory aspects of the cannabis industry. The program explores topics such as federal laws and policies, cannabis regulation, public health considerations, taxation, cannabis production, management, cultivation, and environmental impacts. The curriculum has been meticulously crafted to empower students with the necessary knowledge to navigate and comprehend the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, enabling them to triumph in this burgeoning field of expertise.

The program caters to a diverse audience. It welcomes individuals interested in cannabis industry prospects, as well as public servants seeking comprehensive knowledge of cannabis regulation. Law enforcement officers and educators will also benefit from these courses. Moreover, the program is designed as a fully online experience, providing accessibility to students worldwide, regardless of their geographical location.

What Students Have To Say About the University of California Riverside

The University of California Riverside is generally highly regarded for its educational programs, and the Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate is no exception. Students appreciate the program’s focus on the legal and regulatory aspects of cannabis, areas that are crucial in today’s evolving cannabis landscape but often less covered in traditional cannabis programs.

The quality of the teaching staff and the practical, applicable nature of the information provided are also frequently praised. Some students have found that this program offers a unique perspective that has equipped them with the knowledge to navigate the cannabis industry’s complex legal and policy challenges.

How We Chose The Best Cannabis Classes In Los Angeles

Here are some factors we considered in selecting the best cannabis classes in Los Angeles:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum

We prioritized programs that offer a wide range of topics, providing a comprehensive overview of the cannabis industry. Classes should cover various aspects of cannabis, including cultivation, processing, legalities, business aspects, and medical uses, to give students a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

2. Experienced and Qualified Instructors

The quality of instructors plays a crucial role in the educational experience. We chose classes led by professionals with real-world experience in the cannabis industry who can provide practical insights and hands-on knowledge.

3. Positive Student Reviews and Success Stories

Feedback from past students was an important factor in our selection. We looked for programs that had positive reviews, high ratings, and success stories from alumni who have gone on to successful careers in the cannabis industry.

4. Accreditation and Reputation

We considered the institution’s reputation and whether it is accredited by recognized educational bodies. Accreditation is a form of quality assurance, ensuring that the program meets certain educational standards.

5. Flexibility and Accessibility

Given the diverse needs of students, we sought programs that offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and mode of delivery. Preferential treatment was given to programs that offered online learning options, granting students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience.

6. Value for Money

We took into account the cost of the cannabis classes and compared this to the perceived value based on the above factors. This wasn’t just about finding the cheapest classes but about finding courses that provide good value for the cost in terms of curriculum quality, instructor expertise, and other benefits.

Hence, the programs featured on our list not only come at an affordable price but also provide top-notch education. Simply put, you receive commensurate value for your investment.

7. Opportunities for Hands-On Learning

Practical, hands-on learning opportunities can greatly enhance understanding. We gave preference to programs that include workshops, lab work, or other hands-on learning opportunities in their curriculum.

8. Networking and Job Opportunities

We considered whether the cannabis classes provided opportunities for networking or had a track record of leading to job opportunities in the cannabis industry. This included evaluating relationships with local cannabis businesses and organizations, job placement assistance, and alumni networks.

Cannabis Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Cannabis College Worth It?

Whether Cannabis College is worth it largely hinges on your individual goals and aspirations. If you aspire to enter or advance within the legal cannabis industry, specialized education from a Cannabis College can be incredibly beneficial. Such programs offer comprehensive knowledge on diverse aspects such as the business, legalities, horticulture, and medicinal aspects of cannabis, equipping you with the skills required in this specialized field.

What Are The Best Cannabis Schools?

All the schools outlined in this article offer comprehensive and quality education in the cannabis field. Ultimately, the best school for you depends on your individual goals, budget, and location. Each school offers something unique and can help you gain the knowledge required to get ahead in the cannabis industry.

Is The Cannabis Training University Legit?

Indeed, the Cannabis Training University (CTU) is a bona fide online educational platform specializing in courses related to the cannabis industry. CTU is one of the most distinguished and comprehensive online cannabis schools, offering a broad spectrum of courses from the fundamentals of growing cannabis to the steps of initiating a cannabis enterprise.

CTU provides certification upon completion of its program, which can bolster credibility within the cannabis industry. However, just like with any educational choice, potential students should carry out comprehensive research to ensure the curriculum aligns with their career objectives.

Is Cannabis A Major?

With the expansion and mainstream acceptance of the cannabis industry, certain universities and colleges have initiated degrees concentrating on cannabis studies. While there isn’t a universally recognized “Cannabis Major,” the institutions outlined in this article offer programs that delve into the science, business, and legal frameworks of cannabis.

As the industry continues to grow and mature, it’s probable that additional educational programs concentrating on cannabis will emerge. It’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest academic offerings to ensure you’re among the first to gain access to cutting-edge training and educational opportunities.

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