Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake is always a fan favorite at birthday parties. After all, you get the best of both worlds, ice cream and cake. For those of you who enjoy the sugary and sweet taste of cake and ice cream together, the Ice Cream Cake strain might be right for you.

The Ice Cream Cake weed strain has quite the sugary, sweet, and vanilla-like flavor that closely resembles your favorite birthday cakes.

However, this is, of course, a very special birthday cake, one that is loaded to the brim with THC and has some fairly strong intoxicating effects. If you have a sweet tooth like we do, you’ll love Ice Cream Cake. After you read what we have to say about this awesome weed strain, you might just be inclined to take a puff of it after that slice of cake.

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What is the Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain?

The Ice Cream Cake weed strain is an indica strain that is made by crossing two other super popular strains, which we’ll discuss further below. Seeing as it is an indica, you can expect it to be very relaxing and sedating, both for your body and mind.

As the name implies, it’s quite sugary and sweet and has a creamy aftertaste. Many people like the Ice Cream Cake weed strain thanks to its potential to reduce pain and anxiety and to help you sleep. If you need a good night strain that will help you relax after a long day, Ice Cream Cake might just be it.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Appearance

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You should be able to tell how tasty this strain is just by looking at it. The buds of the Ice Cream Cake strain are quite small and dense. They’re usually somewhat elongated or spade-shaped and also very hard. They’re like little pebbles that you can barely squeeze together.

These buds often feature a forest green color, along with some darker green accents. You should also see a lot of purple sugar leaves, plenty of orange pistils, and a super thick layer of frosty white trichomes. Those trichomes are where all of the THC is contained. These buds almost look good enough to eat!

Ice Cream Cake Strain Genetics

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Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain is an indica by nature, one that contains very high levels of THC combined with a bit of CBG. Worth knowing is where this strain comes from.


The Ice Cream Cake strain is made by crossing Gelato #33 with the Wedding Cake Strain. For those of you who don’t know, Gelato is technically a type of ice cream, which is where the name comes from.

First, we have Wedding Cake, which is a cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, and this is a hybrid strain that is indica-dominant.

We then have Gelato #33, which is a hybrid strain that is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Both of the parent strains of Ice Cream Cake have high levels of THC and are quite potent, plus they both lean to the indica side.

THC/CBD Content

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Although Ice Cream Cake does not really contain notable levels of CBD, it contains up to 22% THC, sometimes slightly more. A 22% THC content is quite substantial, and it means that this strain is generally best for more experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

This is not to say that beginners with fairly low tolerances cannot handle the Ice Cream Cake strain, but we recommend starting slow.

For a beginner who is not very tolerant of THC, just a couple of puffs of Ice Cream Cake should do the trick. What is worth noting is that this strain usually contains somewhere around 1% CBG, a minor cannabinoid that has its own potential benefits and effects.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Terpenes

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This strain contains three main terpenes, including myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. They produce that classic sweet, sugary, and citrusy flavor that this strain is known for.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects

Ice Cream Cake is a fairly high THC indica-dominant strain. This means that it should be very relaxing in nature. This strain is known for producing a head high characterized by some euphoria, mental relaxation, happiness, calmness, and sedation.

It’s a strain that should put your head in a bit of a fog, make you feel like you are sinking into your couch, and after not too long, will likely put you to sleep, but not before you go hunting for some food.

This is a fairly classic indica strain characterized by sedation, euphoria, possible pain relief, hunger, and overall heaviness. Many people report that their limbs feel like they are buzzing after smoking a sizable quantity of the Ice Cream Cake strain.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Reported Flavors

As the name of the strain implies, you can expect Ice Cream Cake to be quite sweet, creamy, and sugary. You should also notice hints of orange and citrus, as well as cinnamon. Some people even say that there is an undertone of lavender. If you close your eyes while taking a puff, you might just be able to imagine yourself eating a piece of cake.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Growing Info

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The Ice Cream Cake strain is quite hardy, although it requires warm temperatures and constant sunlight. It’s a strain that you can grow both indoors and outdoors, but if grown outdoors, make sure that the temperatures are ideal, as cool air will not treat this strain right. It should flower in about 9 weeks and allow you to harvest it sometime in mid-fall. The harvest here is also quite large. Ice Cream Cake produces short and dense plants with great yields.

Strains Like the Ice Cream Cake Strain

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Some strains that are similar to Ice Cream Cake include Wedding Cake, Gelato #33, Sunset Sherbert, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. You could also check out some indica-dominant bubba strains, as well as these super flavorful citrus and lemon strains.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the Ice Cream Cake strain.

Is Ice Cream Cake indica or sativa?

The Ice Cream Cake is a classic indica strain.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain strong?

Ice cream cake contains roughly 22% THC, which most people would consider to be fairly strong.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain easy to grow?

As long as you provide it with ideal levels of sunlight and water and keep the temperature fairly warm and constant, it should be relatively easy to grow.

How much does Ice Cream Cake yield?

The Ice Cream Cake strain may yield up to 600 grams per square meter of plants.

How long does Ice Cream Cake strain take to grow?

The Ice Cream Cake strain should take about 8 to 9 weeks to flower, and about that much in the vegetative state as well.

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